Apple and Deloitte Alliance

Apple and Deloitte Alliance

The leader in Digital Transformations and the leader in Mobile have come together to reimagine the way we work.

Having a fleet of mobile devices deployed to your employees is no longer a game-changer, but enabling your employees through these mobile devices — is. And the efficiency gains are significant.

But why?

… it makes people happy.

  • Your employees are people that want to live meaningful lives with smooth experiences that let them focus on what they do best: their job.
  • However, the technology they use at work does the opposite of that. They lose the magic they have in their daily lives once they step into the workplace.
  • We want to bring that magic into the workplace. Apple and iOS makes that happen.
  • This is an investment in your employees that makes them feel valued and cared for.

… it drives productivity.

  • Apple products, combined with the bespoke iOS software Deloitte creates on them, drives productivity and efficiency.
  • You are investing in your employees and allowing them to focus on their jobs. This helps them become more productive and efficient – and in turn happier and less stressed.
  • We’ll help you realise the return on this investment quickly, which will continue throughout your transformation journey and beyond.

… and it’s more commercially viable than you think.

  • How much are you losing today due to inefficiencies?
  • What is your employee user journey? How long does it take them to complete their tasks?
  • In the long run, using Apple products and iOS software will be more beneficial commercially.

Apple Practice

As part of the joint effort, Deloitte created a first-of-its-kind Apple Practice, which consists of strategists, developers, architects, designers, and subject matter experts.

These practitioners collaborate and leverage their unique skillsets to support Enterprise organisations in EMEA, Americas and APAC.

This alliance, combined with our award-winning Apple Practice, allows us to constantly push the boundaries of what’s possible and create truly innovative and, sometimes, life-saving solutions.

Case studies

Deliver and maintain

The UK was in the grip of the unprecedented global COVID-19 crisis. NHS Digital needed to create a robust COVID-19 national testing programme that could be scaled rapidly and with no room for error.

Deloitte Digital built and ran a suite of 10 apps deployed on 12,000 centrally managed iPhones. They allowed staff to check people in for appointments, process test samples, track samples en route to labs and allowed lab staff to prioritise their workflows. This removed paper-based workflows, minimised errors, and made it possible to launch as many as 45 new test sites a week with minimal training.

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Build your own capability

We helped Deloitte I.T. Services build their ‘Digital Briefcase’ initiative. The scheme aims to provide Deloitte colleagues with consumer-grade digital experiences, by establishing a Digital Services team and improving the portfolio of mobile apps – new and existing.

We developed an ever-growing suite of apps that support Deloitte employees on a wide-ranging list of tasks.Some examples include a tool to help reconnect colleagues in a hybrid working environment, a wellbeing support portal, a tool to improve compliance experience and many more.

We also created a dedicated iOS studio that focuses on improving the employee experience and helps us respond to the opportunities of tomorrow.


Hästens wanted to improve their customer and employee experience during in-store sales. After looking into the existing sales journey, Deloitte Digital envisioned a solution that would streamline and manage complexities in the process.

Hästens Retail is an app built on Salesforce that helps sales associates and managers to configure beds with the customer in-store. It’s been estimated to have saved time for simple and complex orders by 90%. A process that used to take 20-30 minutes now takes only 2-3 minutes with the innovative app solution. The concept was developed together closely with Hästens by the Deloitte Digital team , in close collaboration with Apple through an Enterprise Design Lab in Cupertino.

The improvement was so substantial that it was mentioned by Tim Cook at Dreamforce '19!



Enterprise app strategy

We help our clients understand how to enable the workforce that is spending a good proportion of their time away from a fixed desk, work remotely or frequently travel for work. In doing so we maximise the value from a mobility estate and build an effective mobile ecosystem. Build a long-term roadmap that will help you achieve your strategic goals and unleash the power of mobility.

Apple Enterprise Design Lab

Did you know that you and your team can participate in a rapid, experiential, hands-on experience workshop with Apple and Deloitte? Here you can test app ideas with real users, gather feedback, and ultimately leave with a validated design direction. The aim is to create a solid foundation that will accelerate the overall delivery process for designers and developers. Apple and Deloitte employees facilitate, coach, and mentor your team throughout the workshop and post-workshop activities.

Deliver and run

Accelerate the Design and Development of your mobile solutions, with value delivered to real users in three – six months. Our collaborative approach continues throughout the lifetime of a project, with a focus on user insight and close collaboration between designers , developers and end-users. If you have an existing solution, our team can help review, refine and maintain it.

Build your own capability

You can now build a sustainable in-house mobile capability through immersive participation of your team in all stages of the project to ensure you strengthen your internal competency to maintain and iterate your new solution. At the end, you can also graduate your team with our proprietary in-house Development & Design Training programmes.

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