Apple and Deloitte Alliance

The leader in Enterprise digital transformation and the leader in Mobile experiences have come together to reimagine the way we work.

Having a fleet of mobile devices deployed to your employees is no longer a game-changer. Enabling your employees through these mobile devices is — and the efficiency gains are significant. Having a mobile-enabled workforce will be the name of the game for the next decade and also the area where a lot of positive changes will be done quick and bring an immediate financial impact. But it's not just the quick-wins that Mobile brings, it also contributes to the Enterprise long-term goals by positively reflecting on the employer's brand image and talent retention.

Since 2016 our Global Alliance with Apple allows us to remain at the front-row of ongoing Mobile evolution and offers our Clients new ways to transform Enterprise. This alliance, combined with our award-winning Mobile practice, allows us to constantly push the boundaries of possible and create truly innovative and, sometimes, even life-saving solutions.

NHS Digital

The UK was in the grip of the unprecedented global COVID-19 crisis. NHS Digital needed to create a robust COVID-19 national testing programme that could scale rapidly and with no room for error. Deloitte Digital built and ran a suite of 10 apps deployed on 12,000 centrally managed iPhones that allowed staff to check people in for appointments, process test samples, track samples en route to labs and then allowed lab staff to prioritise their workflow. This removed paper-based workflows, minimising errors, and making it possible to launch as many as 45 new test sites a week with minimal training. 

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Hästens were looking to improve the customer and employee experience during in-store sales. After looking into the existing sales journey, Deloitte Digital envisioned a solution to cater for the complexity of the process. Hästens Retail, an app built on Salesforce that enables the sales associates and managers to configure beds with the customer in-store. It has been estimated to have cut down the time for both simple and complex orders by 90 percent. A process that used to take 20-30 minutes now takes only 2-3 minutes with the innovative app solution. An improvement so substantial it was mentioned by Tim Cook at Dreamforce '19.

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Enterprise App Strategy

Understand how to maximise the value from a mobile estate and build an effective mobile ecosystem. Build a long term roadmap that will help you achieve your strategic goals.

Apple Enterprise Design Lab

Together with Apple and Deloitte, participate in a rapid, experiential, hands-on experience workshop in which you can test app ideas with real users, gather feedback, and ultimately leave with a validated design direction. The aim is to create a solid foundation to accelerate the overall delivery process for both designers and developers. Apple and Deloitte employees facilitate, coach, and mentor your team throughout the workshop and post-workshop activities.

Deliver and maintain Mobile solutions

Accelerate the Design and Development of your mobile solutions, with an MVP in 3-6 months. If you have an existing solution, our team can help review, build-on and maintain it.

Build your own Mobile capability

Scale and improve your in-house mobile capabilities to build and maintain your Mobile ecosystems. 


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NSE Apple Alliance Leader
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