Azure Cloud & O365

Enabling organisations to make the best use of their Azure and O365 Cloud services to provide business advantage.


Almost all enterprises use Microsoft Cloud Services, whether simply for identity and authentication or more broadly as a collaboration, hosting, application or innovation platform. We help clients who wish to utilise the basics and integrate with other services, to those who have already opted to use Microsoft Cloud at scale and are seeking help in migrating there and selecting the right tools and usage patterns to deliver their objectives.

Our expectation is that there is a greater opportunity where Cloud is a supporting factor rather than the core challenge. Deloitte’s  services can span Microsoft’s various cloud products  i.e. Office 365, Azure and Dynamics that may be in connection with a broader transformation involving Deloitte’s ability to address combinations of workplace, cloud and enterprise applications.  For example, an ‘Office 365’ centric project that delivers HR, working practice and technical benefits. 

Our approach is to take clients through the full transformation journey, from initial strategy, architecting the solution and then executing the change. This also describes how we consider a range of items such as operating model and cost where we can leverage the wider capabilities of our firm.


An experienced and qualified team

We have a team of Cloud practitioners qualified in architecting and implementing MS Azure, Office 365 and related solutions. They work with large and medium sized clients and cover the specifics of industry verticals and concomitant data and legislative requirements. The team are versed in Microsoft best practice such as Scaffold architecture and our learnings gained through running client solutions on Azure.

Deloitte’s Azure Capabilities

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