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The Deloitte Travel & Aviation team works across the globe on complex, major programmes and projects for some of the industry’s largest clients. Our dedicated team offer a range of integrated service lines ranging from audit and tax advice to more specialised advisory, strategy, finance, technology and operations excellence, blending deep industry knowledge with core consulting methods and techniques.

Our team provides insight and understanding of the challenge of today's environment and the ever changing travel and aviation landscape.

Travel & Aviation industry

We live in interesting and dynamic times. A day never goes by without at least one challenge to the travel and aviation industry across the global market in which it operates. Whether the reason is a geopolitical event, an economic challenge, changing regulation or new technology the industry must be alert to the challenges.

Deloitte’s breadth of experience and involvement in a number of engagements helping the industry. Positions us uniquely to assess these risks and advising on the appropriate systems, processes and controls.

Travel Weekly Insight Annual Report 2017

Deloitte travel & aviation practice

Deloitte is the number one professional services firm globally for travel and aviation clients. Providing a broad range of services to companies across the industry, including online distributors, tour operators, travel agents, airlines, airports, ground handlers, air traffic controllers and Civil Aviation Authorities.

Our travel & aviation insight

Travel Weekly Insight Annual Report 2017
Deloitte are proud to have partnered with Travel Weekly to produce the Travel Weekly Insight Annual Report 2017, in which we provide our perspectives and views of the UK travel market within the context of the global economic and political landscape.

Passion for leisure: Consumer tracker leisure update Q1 2018
Leisure consumers are still feeling the pinch in the first quarter of 2018. Although inflation is starting to ease and wages continue to gradually climb, consumers have reduced their spending on most leisure activities. Looking ahead, consumers have little intention to spend more in the coming months, leaving spending on holidays significantly below the level seen last year.

Aviation security enhancements – understanding the impact of bans on Personal Electronic Devices
The decision by the US and UK governments to restrict the ability of passengers to carry some Personal Electronic Devices (PED) onto flights to the US and UK, from nominated points of origin countries, will have wide reaching impacts for passengers and operators in the aviation sector.

Are travel and aviation companies prepared for the Brexit consumer?
How are the ongoing Brexit negotiations impacting consumers’ confidence, spending and behaviour and what does this mean for travel businesses.

What Brexit might mean for UK travel
Harnessing the experience of the ABTA Membership, ABTA and Deloitte have considered what a vote to leave the EU might mean for UK travel businesses, and the UK travel consumer.

Travel Consumer 2015 - Engaging the empowered holidaymaker
The digital revolution has democratised the way consumers shop for travel. To better understand this change, we worked with the British Travel Awards (BTA) to survey over 40,000 respondents about their travel activities.

Transport in the Digital Age 
Change is coming to transportation, whether we’re ready for it or not. You can see it in public sector investment in intelligent streets and digital railways, automakers’ focus on next-generation vehicles and smart mobility service.

Key contacts

Graham Pickett

Graham Pickett

Lead Partner, Travel & Aviation

Graham has been a Partner at Deloitte nearly 25 years. As well as being a Vice Chairman of the UK firm he is the UK and Global Leader for the Travel and Aviation sector. Based in Gatwick, Graham’s mai... More

Alistair Pritchard

Alistair Pritchard

Lead Partner, Travel

Alistair leads Deloitte’s Transportation, Hospitality & Leisure (THL) practice across the regions, is the Lead Partner for Transportation and a member of the THL Executive Leadership and leads Deloitt... More

Mark Cooper

Mark Cooper

Partner, Aviation Technology

Mark Cooper is the lead Partner for Aviation Technology. He has worked in the Aviation industry for over 20 years. Prior to joining Deloitte, Mark was the Managing Director for Lockheed Martin’s globa... More