Helping business in the Channel Islands to recover and thrive  

As the Channel Islands start to look ahead to economic recovery from the COVID-19 pandemic, organisations need to ensure that their digital capabilities are ready to help the business grow and thrive, introduce efficiencies and build resilience whilst maintaining security and reliability.

Please find the presentations available for download from our webinar series providing advice and guidance on a number of digital transformation topics.

For further information please contact Simeon Moss or Mike Cranmer below.

Responding to a Cyber Breach

In this presentation we outline some of the challenges faced while managing the early hours of a cyber-incident, including the technical and operational responses required and how to ensure your affected customers are properly looked after.

Customer Support

The challenge of supporting customers during a crisis is more relevant than ever. In times of uncertainty, how do you respond rapidly to customer queries without compromising day to day operations? In this presentation we walk through these challenges and discuss lessons learned, including those related to COVID-19.

The Future of Work

Ways of working will undoubtedly change permanently and the recovery from COVID-19 pandemic, given the human dimension of urgent workforce challenges and the uncertainties facing business leaders, requires workforce strategies to address both short-term recovery priority actions and reaching for the future and next normal. In this presentation on the future of work we focus on how organisations can both recover and thrive with new working practices and retain the best of what they have seen through lockdown.

Starting your Robotic and Intelligent Automation journey

In this ‘Getting Started’ with Robotic Process and Intelligent Automation presentation we provide an overview with practical examples, outline key benefits and approach to help organisations understand how they can commence their journey with this exciting technology.

Scaling your digital workforce through Robotic and Intelligent Automation

In ‘Scaling Your Digital Workforce’ we outline how organisations who have undertaken initial Robotic Process Automation (RPA) activity can overcome key barriers to scaling and maximise the benefits of both RPA and associated technologies such as cognitive and artificial intelligence.

Managing process through digital workflow

In this presentation we take a look at how you can digitise the set-up, performance and monitoring of a defined sequence of process tasks and actions through digital workflow management. We will demonstrate examples of where we have helped businesses to effectively and successfully manage the complexity of multiple remediation and re-documentation activities across multiple users and processes.

Voice Analytics with TrueVoice™

In this presentation we showcase Deloitte’s ground-breaking TrueVoice™ Speech Analytics. Already an established solution in many contact centres, TrueVoice™ has proved to be invaluable in recent times enabling organisations to monitor and manage 100% of their rapidly changing (and now virtualised) customer interactions.

Insight through intelligence

We live in an age of unprecedented access to information and data proliferation. An ever-increasing volume of data can lead to decision paralysis and little value unless it is refined, distilled and processed. This is where Intelligence services can help.

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