Brexit looms large

Deloitte CFO Survey: 2016 Q3

October 2016

The quarterly CFO Survey is firmly established with media and policy makers as the authoritative barometer of UK corporates’ sentiment and strategies. It is the only survey of major corporate users of capital that gauges attitudes to valuations, risk and financing.

Key findings

  • Brexit weighs on corporate risk appetite and remains top business concern
  • CFOs focused on defensive balance sheet strategies
  • Concerns about weak UK growth and competitiveness have risen sharply.

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“The animal spirits of the corporate sector took a battering in the wake of the referendum and, three months on, Brexit continues to loom large for the UK corporate sector.
“Since our last survey we’ve seen the appointment of a new Prime Minister, a strong rally in equity markets and a solid run of UK economic data. But CFOs continue to see significant risks in the economic environment and perceptions of uncertainty remain elevated”.

Ian Stewart, chief economist at Deloitte


“The UK has built an enviable business environment which values enterprise and wealth creation. The UK’s move up the World Economic Forum’s competitiveness league, to seventh place, underscores the strength of our economy.
“The central challenge for the UK government is to ensure that the Brexit settlement enhances these strengths”.

David Sproul, Deloitte CEO

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