Deloitte Transition Labs

Supporting you to hit the ground running

The Deloitte Transition Lab, launched in 2011, is specifically designed to support leaders at the most challenging and critical times in their career. Whether someone is stepping up to a C-suite role for the first time or is a seasoned executive, a structured plan is essential to success.

Overview of a Deloitte Transition Lab

Every session in the Deloitte Transition Lab is unique to the participant, but our carefully researched methodology, tested approach and experience with over 700 Labs in the UK means you are guaranteed to find the day challenging and rewarding.

Through the structured process of the Lab and tested facilitation techniques, we help an individual to:

  • Frame their priorities and ultimately what they are trying to achieve in the role
  • Get to the heart of team and talent issues and strategies for maximising success
  • Identify different approaches to managing complex stakeholder relationships
  • The result of a day in the Lab is a clear action plan to make a successful transition.

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Who is a Deloitte Transition Lab suitable for?

Labs are designed and equally effective for:

  • First time executives
  • Experienced executives moving industry or organisation
  • Executives looking to refresh their priorities and plan objectives in their current role, for example following change in leadership or a change in organisation strategy.

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