Business Chemistry®

Using data to improve the art of relationships

Designed for use in a business context, Business Chemistry® draws upon analytical technologies to reveal four unique patterns of behaviour. The system provides insights about individuals and teams with the goal of developing openness and collaboration to drive performance.

Why Business Chemistry?

Relationships in the workplace are critical for efficiency, productivity, and long-term success, but what happens when these relationships are failing to reach their potential? In today’s constantly changing business environment and with increasingly diverse workforces, high quality relationships can be difficult to achieve. Business Chemistry offers easily-digestible insights which can be applied to real-life situations to improve team effectiveness and the potential to achieve company objectives through better understanding and collaboration.

Business Chemistry insights provide valuable teaming support throughout the business life-cycle, during key events such as new business unit formations, merging of operations and teams, and changes in leadership, or as part of a team building day to help collaborate more effectively across group function silos.

Key features and benefits:

  • a practical and actionable tool with a common language to explore behavioural styles in the workplace
  • unique insight into a team’s composition and characteristics
  • a greater understanding of self and others for collaborative and efficient teaming
  • a guide for benchmarking individuals against a global business community
  • more meaningful relationships and honest conversations between team members and stakeholders
  • greater trust between team members and departments to help achieve common goals

Don’t just take it from us. We spoke to Nibedita Ghosh, Head of leadership and cultural transformation (International zone) at Kraft Heinz, who told us that Business Chemistry has been “transformational” for her organisation, especially at a senior leadership level. Watch the video here.

The four patterns of behaviour

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The Four Types

Deloitte developed the Business Chemistry® to help provide insights about individuals and teams based on observable traits and preferences. Business Chemistry reveals four scientifically based patterns of behaviour. The four primary Business Chemistry types are:

The value of Business Chemistry is in using it to harness the diversity of styles within a team that bring unique strengths, perspectives, and distinct approaches to generating ideas, solving problems and making decisions. Business Chemistry provides essential tools to harness the diversity of different working styles within teams to increase collaboration, effectiveness, and accomplish shared goals.

What’s your Business Chemistry? Find out here.

Client credentials

Artemis Investment Management

“As a Risk & Compliance function that has undergone significant transformation in the last two years, we were keen to use Business Chemistry as a way to better understanding each other’s working styles and preferences.

Unlike similar methodologies, Business Chemistry is easy to remember and Deloitte even leave you with the methodology to reference back to and continue your learning. Since the workshop, colleagues have already started to flex their styles for improved engagement with their stakeholders to connect better and strengthen relationships. In addition, we have also seen increased collaboration within the team who are looking forward to implementing Business Chemistry even further when we return to an office-based environment; both of these dimensions are critically important for our function as we help drive success in our team and across the wider business.

The overall experience of our virtual workshop was amazing and couldn’t have been better, the use of breakout rooms and technology that allows anonymity meant everyone felt comfortable being open and honest - even the sceptics in the room thought it was fantastic and that it brought to life new ways of working.”

- Ross Millar, Chief Risk Officer

Cwm Taf Morgannwg Health Board

“As an NHS Health Board that has undergone a considerable amount of personnel, operational and regulatory change in the last year, we were keen to use Business Chemistry as a way to better understand each other’s working styles. We were slightly sceptical about doing a virtual workshop but the technology was extremely engaging and interactive.

The workshop helped our Board members get to know each other better, and recognise the different styles and strengths in each other in a way that has increased our appreciation for one another. The business chemistry tool helped strengthen and reaffirm our confidence to challenge ourselves, respecting and utilising the different approaches and styles of one another, to drive the best possible outcomes for the patients, staff and all stakeholders of our University Health Board.”

- Georgina Galletly, Director of Corporate Governance and Board Secretary

Ministry of Justice

“I’m a Pioneer/Integrator. When I took the test 6 months ago, I had a lightbulb moment. I wasn’t surprised by my results, and I immediately realised the value in finding out the Business Chemistry profile of my senior team.

As a member of the Departmental Board, my focus on working to meet our overall strategic goals, meant I could see how the tool & coaching could be used to build even better collaboration across functions. Having completed Business Chemistry, I would certainly say my team are more considered in their approaches and behaviours, ensuring inclusivity. We are working better together, including with stakeholders, in meeting our organisational goals. I’ve taken part in three Business Chemistry workshops, and every time I learn something worthwhile.”

- Mike Driver, Chief Financial Officer, Senior Leadership team

Delivery format

Business Chemistry packages include access to the Business Chemistry assessment tool and an interactive team workshop to provide an engaging, reflective, and distinctive experience with lasting practical impact.

Workshops are delivered by Business Chemistry accredited facilitators either in person or virtually.

In person workshops are fully agile and can be delivered at your office, a Deloitte office, or a third party venue in line with COVID restrictions and safety measures.

Virtual workshops are appropriate for teams working virtually with one another or based across multiple geographical locations. Sessions are facilitated remotely by a team of technical facilitation experts and the interactive elements of our workshops are brought to life via complementary virtual collaboration technologies via Zoom, Microsoft Teams, or your preferred virtual conferencing platform.

In the press

The book

Drawing upon extensive research and thousands of interactions with executives in the Deloitte Greenhouse, Kim Christfort and Suzanne Vickberg, show you how to create the kind of chemistry that fuels success by engaging with others on their own terms. They explore how to simultaneously meet the needs of distinct working styles in order to harness the power of diverse perspectives. And they share learnings from leaders and their teams across industries and all over the world who have put Business Chemistry to work for themselves. Now you can do the same.

A refreshing departure from the typical business read, Business Chemistry is full of colourful descriptions, evocative stories, intriguing data, and practical strategies. It offers concrete guidance on bringing out the best in people with varied strengths who excel in different contexts.

Whether your goal is to raise your own level of performance, enhance customer engagement, or become a more effective leader, this resource provides what you need to build empathy and stronger relationships, manage and motivate different types of people, and activate the power of diversity in order to lead teams to success.

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Business Chemistry history

Deloitte teamed with scientists from the fields of neuro-anthropology and genetics to develop a system that leverages modern computational techniques to bring a data-driven approach to observing and understanding differences in people’s business styles. The resulting system is easy to remember, but with a sophisticated underpinning that highlights statistically relevant behavioural cues in a business environment.

Business Chemistry Blog

Read our blog to find out how the Business Chemistry types respond differently to stress in the workplace, which unique traits set CxOs apart from the typical professional, and why Guardians are so risk averse.

Read the blog.

Traits at the top

The Deloitte UK Fast 50 programme recognises and celebrates the achievements of the fastest growing technology businesses in the UK. The latest edition of the programme explores the profile of the CEOs leading these inspiring companies using Business Chemistry and reveals some interesting insights. Find out how this talented group of leaders differs from the wider business population in the latest report.

The power of chemistry is an audio reading of a chapter from the book Business Chemistry: Practical Magic for Crafting Powerful Relationships. Deloitte created Business Chemistry as a practical tool to harness the power of diverse teams in the workplace, and increase personal and collective performance.

Practical Magic is available from Amazon

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