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Business Modelling

Insight through transaction analytics

We help our clients in making some of their most important decisions using bespoke financial models and analytical tools.

The skill of our modelling experts lies in an ability to distil the essence of a problem and rapidly support the implementation of robust tools, delivering relevant and insightful analysis across the corporate project or transaction lifecycle.

Business Modelling support across the corporate lifecycle

Critical business decisions are increasingly underpinned by complex, bespoke quantified analysis. The need for expert modelling is often heightened when the financial exposure is significant, data sets are large or complex, and multiple stakeholders are involved. Modelling is a specialist skill and as a centre of excellence, we apply proven methodologies and leading edge tools, bringing a disciplined and collaborative approach when helping our clients.


A diagram explaining the transaction lifecyle and services offered.
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Examples of our work

Business Planning Analytics

  • JV business plan: We helped two parties to construct a credible business plan to support the valuation of assets being contributed into a joint venture and to support the investment agreement. The model was central to enabling the JV partners to enter into the new commercial arrangements with confidence. It provided a common understanding of the key drivers and assumptions of projected financial performance for the combined business.
  • Investment appraisal: Working closely with our client’s project team, our financial analysis and financial modelling role underpinned their bid to build one of the world’s first commercial scale Carbon Capture and Storage demonstration projects.

Transaction Analytics

  • Vendor assist: Our client was considering divestment of a multinational business unit. We enabled the collation and transparent presentation of historical and projected financial information of a portfolio of businesses in multiple jurisdictions on a consistent basis. This was used to help our client carry out its own analysis and appraisal. It also provided potential buyers with an easy to understand and clear set of financial information underpinned by a data trail back to source data.
  • M&A support: We worked with our private equity and M&A teams to support a successful Management Buy-In in the Consumer Business sector, read our case study for a more detailed look.
  • M&A support: We worked with our M&A team to help a client assess value and price expectations, read our case study for a more detailed look.

Operational Financial Analytics

  • Operational support: Following on from supporting management in the successful sale of their business in which we developed the business planning model, we went on to support our client in developing a suite of rolling forecast models to be used for quarterly forecasting and ongoing business planning. The design and consultation process was a key factor in order to meet the individual needs of unique business units whilst maintaining consistency in the overall modelling approach.
  • Benefits & contract management: Following the award of a global facilities management contract, we assisted our client in developing a bespoke contract management tool to enable them to track the financial performance of a multi-year contract.



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Modelling good practice

We apply our proven good practice modelling methodologies, based on the fundamental principles of simplicity, transparency and integrity.

The release by the ICAEW of “twenty principles for good spreadsheet practice” and the report published by HM Treasury on the quality assurance of government analytical models reflect an increased awareness of the need for modelling good practice guidance across the public and private sector.

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