IP Portfolio Evaluation, Alignment & Optimisation

Portfolio Evaluation & Alignment helps you identify the important value of the assets you own and what assets you are maintaining which may no longer serve a strategic purpose. By identifying assets that are no longer core to your business, you are able to reduce overall maintenance costs while improving the quality of your portfolio.

Once your portfolio has been evaluated, additional opportunities exist for either identifying and acquiring IP assets  to fill in gaps and improve the quality of your portfolio, or to divest intellectual assets and generate revenue for your business.

This service assess the value of each asset within your portfolio typically from three angles:

1. Identifying ways to reduce costs,
2. Identifying opportunities to generate revenue, and
3. Aligning the portfolio to the business strategy.

For each asset within your portfolio, you need to know if you are going to renew it completely, restrict jurisdictions for renewal, abandon it, use if for monetisation or keep it for defensive uses. IP portfolio evaluation, alignment, & optimisation is ideal when you are:

  • Seeking to reduce portfolio costs.
  • Seeking to identify monetisation opportunities.
  • Seeking to align and maintain alignment with your patent portfolio to the business strategy.
  • Entering into an M&A.
  • Managing a poste merger integration.

How Deloitte can help

Market Insights:

  • Regular review of the patent portfolio enables you to map and align your portfolio to your products and services.
  • Allows for the identification of patents that are key for defensive or strategic purposes.

Cost optimisation:

  • Reduce costs by abandoning patents no longer relevant to current technology or in jurisdictions no longer needed.
  • Forecast prosecution, drafting, and maintenance costs for a range of scenarios and use this to inform strategy.

Monetisation opportunities:


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Jon Calvert


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Josue Ortiz Ramirez


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