The challenge

To meet the needs of today’s customers, insurance business models are becoming increasingly complex. From underwriting to claims handling, capabilities that were traditionally kept in-house are now being delegated to a whole network of intermediaries and third parties. Great for powering business performance but a challenge when it comes to retaining oversight of these rapidly expanding networks.

How can you be sure that your third parties are conducting the appropriate checks on your end customers to meet regulatory requirements? How do you know if the distributors you’ve selected are performing as expected to deliver the commercial results you need? Are you confident that the companies you’ve chosen to work with match the risk appetite of your business? Staying on top of all of this information manually with spreadsheets is almost impossible, and with regulatory scrutiny intensifying, insurers need to find a better way to make commercially sound, risk-based decisions about the third parties they work with.

OneView has been built to transform the way insurance companies manage and report on their third party relationships. It provides you with a single view of everything you need to know about each third party, at every stage of your relationship with them - all in one place. And with better visibility over your third party relationships, you can have greater control of the risks and opportunities at hand, with automated reporting making it easy to keep your stakeholders informed.


Total visibility of your relationships

With all of your data in one place, you have one view and a clear audit trail so that you can access any information about your third party relationships as required.

Deliver industry best practice

By combining technology with our regulatory and market expertise, we’re able to offer a solution that delivers industry best practice to ensure your process for overseeing third parties meets regulatory requirements.

Align to your risk appetite

You can calibrate OneView to embed your business’ risk appetite. This allows you to monitor your portfolio in line with your strategy and indicates any associated risk.

Drive efficient collaboration internally and externally

OneView allows collaboration between your teams as well as your third parties. By removing the administrative burden of collating and reviewing information your employees can be freed up to focus on more valuable work.

Configure to fit your business model

From underwriting to claims management, OneView can be configured to suit the business processes you have in place for the wide variety of third parties you work with.

Promote stakeholder confidence

With a real-time view of accurate management information across your third party relationships, you’re able to quickly deliver greater insight to your stakeholders.


Our off-the-shelf product requires minimal set up time, so you can quickly benefit from the rich insight it offers.

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How it works

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Transform the way you manage and report on the third party relationships supporting your insurance business.

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