UK Impact Report

Our purpose in action

Everyone has a story to tell. Ours show how we make an impact that matters. Tackling challenges faced by vital UK services. Helping our clients stay fit for the future. Opening doors to widen opportunity and leading the way on the big issues that affect us all.

When we bring our commitment and expertise to the things that matter, we make a difference to our clients, our people and society.

Tech to make the world go round

By bringing new, digital approaches to the work of vital organisations, in the UK and across the globe, we make services smoother, safer and more efficient for the millions that use them every day.

Abu Dhabi launches new support for low-income families

UK transport operators use tech to improve journeys

New app helps keep Britain’s roads safe

New technology helps Save the Children mobilise emergency teams faster

The future is ours

Looking to the future is one of our biggest strengths. Working alongside our clients, from start-ups to leading global brands, our thousands of experts in robotics, cyber, data and design are taking business to new heights.

Data analytics is helping the British Army save lives and money

Maximising air traffic and minimising flight delays with F1 technology

Start-up bets on blockchain to disrupt global energy commodities market

Putting people first

Everyone has the potential to make an impact. Whether we’re opening doors that lead to new jobs and skills, or celebrating the unique perspective each one of us brings, we know there’s no limit to what people can achieve with just a little help.

Two partners talk about their mental health

Connecting homeless people in Bristol with local employers

Northern Ireland’s first robotics academy develops new skills

One planet

Protecting the planet is everyone’s responsibility – and the time to act is now. We’re helping our clients to adopt sustainable practices and understand the impact of climate change on their business, so we can build a greener future together.

Working with BAFTA to increase TV’s action on climate change

Understanding what climate change means for business

Helping to launch The Clean Kilo: the UK's largest zero-waste supermarket