Setting up Major Infrastructure Programmes for Success

Deloitte’s Capital Programmes team is at the heart of leading infrastructure projects across Europe and the Middle East, supporting our clients establish and transform their capability and operating models throughout the programme lifecycle.

Capability and Operating Model transformation

It is important for capital programme organisations to demonstrate to investors, regulators, Government and other stakeholders that a programme is “Match-fit”. Major capital delivery organisations frequently fail to establish, scale and transition in a structured way, leading to the “Break / Fix” model that is so prevalent in major programmes.

Deloitte has developed the Enterprise Capability Framework, an industry leading toolkit that is customised on a client-by-client basis, to define, assess, improve and demonstrate organisational capability maturity through each of the project lifecycle stages, by:

  • Defining the capabilities and maturity levels necessary for project success, through our customisable Capability Model, aligned to the commercial model, delivery model and vision of the organisation
  • Applying our operating model approach to configure the organisation in the most efficient and effective way
  • Providing a framework to robustly, effectively and accurately demonstrate to major stakeholders, organisational capability

Case Study – High Speed 2

HS2 partnered with Deloitte, sponsored directly by the CEO, to demonstrate to the DfT ahead of starting Construction that it has sufficient capability to manage the £multi-billion Main Works contracts. Deloitte designed a bespoke Enterprise Capability Framework to measure enterprise capability and demonstrate HS2’s readiness to government on an unprecedented scale and level of complexity. Deloitte then worked with HS2 to deliver an improvement programme, targeting critical areas of the business including programme controls, people and leadership, and change management, and portfolio managed the other capability area initiatives, to deliver a transformational change at HS2.

In the Panel members’ extensive collective experience, none had seen such a rigorous and comprehensive approach to assessing and improving Enterprise Capability, and it has the potential for stimulating industry improvement in the delivery of major projects

Independent Assurance Panel of Industry Experts

Benefits to your organisation

Our structured approach to setting organisations up for success has allowed us to help HS2, as well as other clients such as Thames Tideway, EWR and Crossrail, define the scope, timing and scale of capability requirement changes, identifying and navigating transition points and minimising risk to delivery. We will enable your organisation to answer:

Get in touch with one of our Capability and Operating Model Transformation Leaders to find out more.

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Thomas Redway


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Anthony Wilkinson

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