Earth 2040: Predictions for the future of spacetech

When we talk about space, many people think about space tourism and rocket launches. However, highly sophisticated space technologies (spacetech) are creating an explosion of business opportunities on Earth.

Over the last few years, at Deloitte Ventures we’ve helped some of our clients lift-the-lid on space, paired them with exciting spacetech start-ups and helped them launch proof of concepts. When it comes to space, we believe collaboration is vital, so we have been bringing together key players from across the space ecosystem to help break down the opportunities of spacetech and its applications for business.

To help open-up the conversation, we invited key experts from across the space ecosystem - from leading investors to promising startups - to share their thoughts, insights, and predictions on the role of spacetech for non-space organisations (from banks to pharmaceuticals), now and in the future. Only got one minute? Watch the trailer here.

Emerging applications of space-enabled technology are starting to influence our lives, and businesses, in ways that can’t be ignored.

As the cost of launching a satellite into space continues to fall and spacetech startups race to build the in-space economy (think research labs, manufacturing and renewable energy), there’s no doubt the space sector is gathering momentum.

But what does all this really mean today, tomorrow, and in the coming decades? Is satellite data a nice to have, or a must have? Can organisations unlock the value of this data now? Or is there still some way to go?

Is there a future where we will be developing drugs in space? Assessing insurance claims from thousands of miles away? And sending materials manufactured in space back down to Earth?

How would all of this work? And what needs to happen before we get there?

Watch our Earth 2040: Predictions for the future of spacetech film to hear from:

  • Kim Crider, Partner, Deloitte Space (former Chief Technology Innovation Officer for United States Space Force)
  • Mollie Martin, Senior Associate, Deloitte Ventures
  • Anthony Baker, CEO and co-founder, Satellite Vu
  • James Bruegger, Chief Investment Officer, Seraphim Capital
  • Claire Burke, Director of Science, Climate X
  • Aravind Ravichandran, Founder, TerraWatch Space

Interested in finding out more?

Go behind the scenes of our Earth 2040: Predictions for the future of spacetech film to meet the experts, find out what was discussed on the day and why you should watch the full discussion.

Earlier this year, we also collaborated with Sifted to produce their inaugural spacetech report. Sifted is the leading media outlet for the European startup community, backed by the FT. Spacetech: The big business of space on Earth sheds light on the growing momentum of investment in the space sector, uncovers the ‘big bets’ of spacetech across Europe and showcases the startups leading the way. Importantly, it also puts into focus the role of space across different industries.

Clearly, spacetech doesn’t exist for the sole benefit of the space sector, it offers non-space organisations the opportunity to innovate. However, to harness the value of spacetech, we believe collaboration across the space ecosystem is key.

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