Space is open for business

Space has always captured our curiosity and imagination. But it’s becoming more and more relevant to our everyday lives, driving innovation and increasing productivity across almost every sector.

Highly sophisticated space technologies are creating an explosion of business opportunities on Earth. And we believe we’ve only scratched the surface of what’s possible.

Given this, we’re excited to collaborate with Sifted to produce their inaugural spacetech report as it speaks to the huge potential of the sector. Sifted is the leading media outlet for the European startup community, backed by the FT.

Spacetech: The big business of space on Earth sheds light on the growing momentum of investment in the space sector, uncovers the ‘big bets’ of spacetech across Europe and showcases the startups leading the way. Importantly, it also puts into focus the role of space across different industries.

Today, the majority of spacetech focus centres around communication, navigation and observation. Tomorrow’s frontiers are in-space manufacturing and R&D, tourism and renewable energy.

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“Spacetech doesn’t exist for the sole benefit of the space sector, it offers non-space organisations the opportunity to innovate.”

Through our spacetech accelerator alone, we’ve seen solutions to help organisations use satellite data to verify the value of carbon credits, enable near instant insurance pay-outs, monitor infrastructure and physical assets at scale, and even track marine mammals from space, and that’s just the start.

This report demonstrates the breadth of spacetech startups already operating in Europe. Some are building rockets, others are building satellites, and many are using the data to provide insights to businesses and end-users. However, what’s clear is that no one company can do it alone. Collaboration is key. Download the report to find out more.

We have been bringing together key players from across the space ecosystem to help break down the opportunities of spacetech and its applications for business. To help open-up the conversation, we invited experts - from leading investors to promising startups - to share their thoughts, insights, and predictions on the role of spacetech for non-space organisations (from banks to pharmaceuticals), now and in the future. Watch our Earth 2040: Predictions for the future of spacetech film to hear more.

It can be challenging to stay up to date with emerging tech trends and capabilities. At Deloitte, we bring together and connect different players in the space ecosystem. ​We understand that these connections and a thriving space ecosystem are more important than ever..

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