Compliance Capture

The General Code of Practice Governance Tool
Compliance Capture

The 149 pages of Pension Regulator’s new General Code of Practice consolidates and updates 10 of the 15 existing Codes of Practice. It is detailed – and it requires Trustees to review the effective governance system of their scheme.

You’re a Trustee – you know that a requirement of the General Code is the need to carry out your Own Risk Assessment (sometimes referred to as the ORA). It needs to be done. But where do you start?

This is where Compliance Capture, our governance tool for Trustees comes in.

It’s a new way of capturing everything required by the General Code, acting as both an information gathering and assessment tool. It collates your responses and generates a report summarising your current position and setting out recommended actions. But that’s not all. Deloitte Legal’s team of specialists provide a human touch, analysing the report’s findings and offering practical and professional advice on actions which need to be taken to ensure compliance, and market insights based on their wealth of experience.

We’ll also provide a good basis for you to get started with your Own Risk Assessment, allowing you to comply with your obligations in the General Code.

Benefits of Compliance Capture

Drive cost efficiencies

Compliance Capture allows you to streamline the process – you don’t need to instruct advisors to carry out the process manually, saving you time and money.

Get an independent view

We’ll provide an independent and impartial view of the system of governance within your scheme, allowing you to make decisions objectively. A member of the Deloitte Legal team will talk you through the findings – and bring into perspective the actions needed to meet your obligations.

Get ready for your Own Risk Assessment

Created with your Own Risk Assessment in mind, the report provides the basis you need to get started in a clear and understandable manner.

Easily digestible

Broken down into modules – you can work through each section at a time making the General Code more manageable.

Address issues early

Enables you to establish what works well in your scheme and where changes should be made, allowing issues to be addressed before the need to carry out the risk assessment.

Central location for compliance

Enabled with the ability to store copy documents of the policies, procedures, reports and statements associated with compliance with the General Code, you’ll have a centralised location to put your hands on this vital documentation when you need it most.

How it works

You complete a series of modules which reflect the requirements of the General Code.
A report is produced which will form the basis of any rectification needed in the scheme.
A Deloitte legal specialist will talk you through the content of the report.
Any actions can be addressed, taking a proportionate approach for your scheme.
The report can be used as the basis for drafting your Own Risk Assessment.

The Pensions Law team

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Partner, Head of Pensions Law

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