Struggling to easily access and share company legal information within your business?

Critical business information is often hidden within documents, accessible only with hours of effort and the legal knowledge to interpret it. What if trusted legal information was easily accessible and connected to your business for instant insights and decisions?

That’s where Four Corners Intelligence comes in.

It’s a new way of capturing and organising everything within the four corners of your contracts and documents, acting as an intelligent information layer that sits on top of your existing document system. Four Corners Intelligence is a single source of truth for legal, procurement, sales, audit and advice about your organisation and its assets. Information is aggregated and linked to get to the root of key contract questions, saving time and resource associated with hunting for relevant documents, or conducting a fresh legal analysis.


Drive cost efficiencies

Stop overspending and double spending. Identify if you’ve been sold the same thing twice, see where you’ve bought more than you need and locate the right insights to decide on the appropriate actions.

Reduce risk

Four Corners Intelligence tells you what rights and responsibilities actually attach to your paperwork. If there is a mismatch to the ‘real-world’, it can be proactively flagged upfront so you can put in place strategic fixes on your timetable and not off the back of an audit or service failure.

Cut through the paperwork

With structured reports at your fingertips, Four Corners Intelligence helps you trawl through mountains of paperwork to locate key information in any part of a contract document. For example, this can include whether a paper has been signed and who signed it as well as information on product types, fee levels and whether the service can be used globally etc.

Negotiate with confidence

Business negotiations often get led by the ‘market view’. Rather than making assumptions, Four Corners Intelligence equips you with examples that can be retrieved in seconds.

Secure system controls

Role-based system access allow business teams to self-serve routine queries, without losing privilege or control over sensitive legal or commercial information.

Connect teams

Bypass the different jargon used by specialist teams, which can cause delays if queries and answers live in different domains. Four Corners Intelligence acts as the central repository for all of this knowledge cutting through complexity.


Instant insights

Complex queries and searches

Tailored contract reviews

Preserves litigation privilege and legal advice privilege

Highly configurable to the client

Self-service client portal

API model

MI reporting and alerts

Fully audited

How it works

1. Discuss your data and business needs

We’ll meet with you to discuss what information is locked up within your documents and how it could help drive efficiencies for your business.

2. Pilot

We’ll choose a selection documents and run a pilot to show the difference that Four Corners Intelligence could make, proving a return on investment.

3. Launch

With the power of Four Corners Intelligence, key business information and legal advice is now instantly available to your business and support functions.

4. Expand

Based on a successful launch, we’ll move to expand the depth and breadth of information held in Four Corners Intelligence. We can help populate the solution using a range of tools and methods or you are free to control your data and information.

5. Reap the rewards

Now Four Corners Intelligence is live and thriving, you’ll have a thorough handle on your business paperwork, documents and contracts. Instant and reliable insights and one-click access to relevant reports make content easily accessible and shareable within the business.

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