The future unmasked

Predicting the future of healthcare and life sciences in 2025

What does the future hold for the life sciences and healthcare industry? Our latest predictions report looks ahead to the year 2025 to help you see what’s coming and to keep your organisation moving forward.

Each prediction is brought to life through snapshots of how patients, healthcare and life science companies and their staff might behave and operate in this new world. We explore the major trends and the key constraints to be overcome; and identify the evidence today to predict how near that future might be.

This year, inevitably, our predictions have been informed by the unparalleled impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on society in general and more specifically on how people perceive health risks. We have seen a new public appreciation of the contribution that healthcare and life sciences companies are making to each countries response and how these companies are paving the way for a new era of collaboration to identify and implement solutions. A key stand out has been the huge acceleration in the pace and scale of technology-enabled transformation across the whole health ecosystem.

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From health(care) to healthy ageing

How will people manage their own health risks in 2025?

Better public health drives better public productivity

How important will a resilient public health infrastructure be in 2025?

Clinicians are empowered by diagnostic and treatment paradigms

How will technology help clinicians to help their patients?

The who, what and where of work rearchitected

What does the future of work look like for health professionals?

COMING 25 November 2020
Care is designed around people not place

What does the future of work look like for health professionals?

COMING 2 December 2020
Next generation supply chains are integrated into healthcare and the patient experience

Key contacts

Nico Kleyn

North South Europe Life Sciences & Healthcare Leader

John Haughey

UK Life Sciences & Healthcare Leader

Karen Taylor

Research Director, Centre for Health Solutions