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A network of pioneering women accelerating the UK automotive industry

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Welcome to Women at the Wheel UK

We are an organisation dedicated to developing women who want to become the next generation of automotive industry leaders.

  • Whether you’re just starting your career, already down the path to leadership, or considering a switch to the automotive industry - we want to welcome you to the group. We are working against a set of ambitions and principles - driving towards increasing talented, hard-working women in leadership positions across the industry.
  • We are committed to promoting equality, empowering women and developing careers and to remove any barriers that prevent advancement in the automotive industry. However, we believe in full and inclusive participation for all -regardless of gender. Everyone is welcome and has the right to contribute talents, skills and resources to the work we do and participate in the events we host.


By becoming a member you will receive regular newsletters with updates, industry highlights and event information. You can read the latest copy here.


Membership is free and you will benefit from access to a programme of events held around the UK, access to interviews with leading women, the opportunity to interact and share views and perspectives with the network.


Throughout the year we hold a range of events, including smaller more intimate sessions, alongside larger scale networking events. We work hard to ensure that each event is tailored to its theme and that it provides practical ‘take-aways’ for the attendees.

See below for a list of upcoming events and also information on past sessions, to give you a flavour of the range of activities we host.

Note: our events are for members only.

Upcoming events:

Past events:

  • Coaching with Sally Fisher  – September 2019
    Group coaching and networking
  • Networking dinner in the South West – July 2019
    A chance to network with fellow members
  • Innovation in the workplace webinar – July 2019
    Hosted by Julia Dean of Clear Channel International and Nathan Thompson of Deloitte
  • Optimising your performance with Momentum – May 2019
    Workshop and networking
  • Networking dinner in Milton Keynes – April 2019
    Co-hosted with Marion Berlier of NTC
  • International Women’s Day – March 2019
    London panel discussion and networking to celebrate IWD
  • Watt on Earth Webinar – January 2019
    Demystifying the world of EVs
  • Site Visit! Caterpillar Construction Products – November 2018, CAT Leicestershire
    Learn about other 4 wheel products with a visit to CAT’s first UK manufacturing site
  • Small group coaching – October 2018, Birmingham
    Following the success of our 2017 session, Sally Fisher (founder of Ah-Ha! Limited) looks at how to build more confidence and consistently deliver peak performance under pressure.
  • Six Sigma Webinar - July 2018
    Dr. Ajith Parlikad from the Institute for Manufacturing, University of Cambridge, on the theory behind Six Sigma.

Interesting articles

Here you will find inspired links and notable news in our article library, you can also read Women on the road which is a report back on industry events the Women at the Wheel members have attended. Updated each month they are available to review at your leisure.

Please send us anything newsworthy for inclusion this could include videos; podcasts; written articles; commentary or even mentions of our very own network to womenatthewheel@deloitte.co.uk

Women at the Wheel
An interview with Caroline Nathan

Caroline is a new product introduction (NPI) manager with Caterpillar.

How did you start in the industry?

I did my Masters degree and moved to London working at McKinsey. I subsequently joined City University Business school as Alumni Officer for their shipping and finance course. Read more...

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