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Welcome to Women at the Wheel UK

We are an organisation dedicated to developing women who want to become the next generation of automotive industry leaders.

  • Whether you’re just starting your career, already down the path to leadership, or considering a switch to the automotive industry - we want to welcome you to the group. We are working against a set of ambitions and principles - driving towards increasing talented, hard-working women in leadership positions across the industry.
  • We are committed to promoting equality, empowering women and developing careers and to remove any barriers that prevent advancement in the automotive industry. However, we believe in full and inclusive participation for all -regardless of gender. Everyone is welcome and has the right to contribute talents, skills and resources to the work we do and participate in the events we host.

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Membership is free and you will benefit from access to a programme of events held around the UK, access to interviews with leading women, the opportunity to interact and share views and perspectives with the network.


We have created a series of events focused on key themes, including mentoring/sponsorship; Personal Branding; Smart Commitments.
Each event will be interactive and provide practical takeaway’s relevant to the theme - to make it “real” to the participants.

Note: our events are for members only.

Interesting articles

Here you will find inspired links and notable news in our article library, you can also read Women on the road which is a report back on industry events the Women at the Wheel members have attended. Updated each month they are available to review at your leisure.

Please send us anything newsworthy for inclusion this could include videos; podcasts; written articles; commentary or even mentions of our very own network to womenatthewheel@deloitte.co.uk

An Interview with Delia Ray

Delia Ray is Head of Marketing at Motability Operations, an organisation that has been bringing the Motability scheme to over 600,000 disabled people for 40 years. Motability Operations buy around 10% of the new cars in the UK each year, working with all the major manufacturers, and supply vehicles through around 5,000 dealerships across the UK.

A journalist by training, Delia opens up about her motivations to join the organisation, finding leaders with integrity, creating a ‘personal board’ and what the future holds for us all!

Can you tell us more about your role and your organisation?
As Head of Marketing, I am responsible for all promotional aspects of the Motability Scheme across channels. I joined Motability 16 years ago, although my role has changed a lot since then. The first car on the scheme went out in 1978, bringing us to 40 years of operations in 2018. The scheme enables people to use their mobility allowance to obtain a brand new car with an all-inclusive package covering servicing, maintenance, breakdown cover and insurance. The scheme brings a critical mass of our customers together, leading to good engagement with our manufacturers, partner organisations and providers (KwikFit, RAC etc.). The shared goal with our partners lets us provide exceptional value to disabled people – turning £1 of their allowance into £2 of extended value. Read more...

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