Neurodiversity Learning Guides for Recruiters

Bringing different people, with different ways of thinking, together in collaboration is how positive change happens.

Neurodiversity Learning Guides for Recruiters
As a people centric business, we hire thousands of people every year and feel passionately about supporting our people. These guides are based on training that our Assessment Centre of Excellence designed for our own recruitment professionals, so they could build confidence and feel better equipped to support neurodiverse candidates with their support needs. We received fantastic feedback from our team and wanted to share what we have learnt so more resourcing professionals, businesses and ultimately neurodiverse candidates can benefit.
Simon Hallett Director of Resourcing, Deloitte


Improve your understanding of neurodiversity and the types of adjustments that may help candidates during the recruitment process
Increase your confidence when talking to neurominority candidates about their strengths and support needs
Contribute to your organisations success in hiring diverse talent
Remove barriers for neurodiverse people, by giving them the support they need during the recruitment process, so their potential is not lost
Equip you with the knowledge to discuss the strengths of neurodiverse candidates with hiring managers
Extend your expertise and enhance your career development


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