Belfast Crane Survey 2018

Building ambition

The Deloitte regional Crane Surveys act as a barometer not only for the commercial property market but for the economy as a whole. In Northern Ireland we’ve tracked every scheme under construction across Belfast city centre in 2017 and provide you with the key findings.

Belfast has undoubtedly seen a sustained momentum and level of ambition with construction across the city, despite macro forces in play such as Brexit and the lack of an executive at Stormont. But which sectors are thriving and why?

Belfast is ambitious in its development

The key findings show:

  • 25 schemes currently under construction, 5 completed in 2017 
  • 22 landmark developments due for completion during 2018
  • Over 1,000 new hotel rooms to be completed in 8 Belfast hotels in 2018
  • Almost half of office space under construction is refurbishment of old buildings

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Linen Quarter

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About Deloitte Regional Crane Surveys

The Deloitte Regional Crane Survey reports on development activity, examining the key sectors and external market factors influencing city centre construction.

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