Regional Crane Surveys 2017

See how city skylines are changing across the UK

Construction is routinely looked to as a marker for the economic health of a city or region. Our Real Estate Regional Crane Surveys highlight this link between development and prosperity, examining the external influences and key market drivers of city centre construction. 

The latest reports monitor construction activity across Manchester, Birmingham, Leeds and Belfast. Spurred on by an upturn in sentiment, how has this translated across the sectors and geographies?

The Belfast Crane Survey

Belfast is certainly on an upward trajectory, as evidenced by the rapidly increasing number of cranes which are dotting the city’s skyline. Investment in the city is coming forward despite uncertain economic currents both nationally and internationally.

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The Birmingham Crane Survey

Birmingham city centre is expanding. Throughout last year we’ve seen a record number of cranes on the skyline and developers are busy forging ahead with new schemes in every sector. Financial and professional service firms are growing and with mounting activity around HS2 the city centre is stretching upwards and outwards to meet demand.

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The Leeds Crane Survey

2016 has been the year that a number of longstanding and high-profile developments have completed boosting the provision of commercial space on offer in Leeds. Whilst the city is coming to the end of a development cycle, our research shows that 16 new developments started in 2016, equal to that of 2015, highlighting continued developer and investor interest in the city.

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The Manchester Crane Survey

2016 presented major opportunities for the future prosperity and growth of the city region. The handover of the devolved health budget, HS2 commitments and a formal remit for Transport for the North have formed the basis of a renewed regional optimism. But how has this sentiment materialised and driven delivery on the ground into 2017?

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