Preparing for the 'next normal'

Build modified resilient operations

As the COVID-19 pandemic continues to unfold there is unlikely to be a rapid or decisive transition from crisis to recovery. Organisations are more likely to face a sequence of operational environments that oscillate between restriction and relaxation, before a final end-state of relative normality.

The first phase of COVID-19 response has been characterised by significant and rapid changes in the way people live their lives and how organisations operate. Many of these changes have been government-mandated. The next phase will be an opportunity for organisations to reflect and plan for a period of uncertainty and disruption. During this period businesses will need to maintain their responsibilities to their customers and staff while modifying operations to meet changes in demand and supply as government restrictions change. They will need to ensure that their recovery is sustainable in terms of resource use and flexible enough to meet change.

Our recommended response to this challenge is to develop modified resilient operations.

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