What is a Beta product?

This product is in the final testing phase before we launch it to the wider market. It’s being used by early adopter clients who are helping us to make improvements and shape the future product roadmap.

The challenge

Rapid advancements in digital technology are fundamentally changing the role of the finance function and the way it serves the wider business.

But how can you keep up with the pace of change unless you build a finance function that’s fit for the future? How can you successfully execute the digital initiatives you’re investing in unless your people have the knowledge and expertise they need? 86% of the executives we spoke to do not believe that their talent pool is sufficiently equipped.

FinLearn is our new, interactive learning platform designed specifically to address this knowledge gap challenge. Through this platform we’re supporting finance functions and finance professionals in their transformation journey, building strong awareness and understanding of the digital trends and technologies reshaping their profession today.

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Leapfrog digital awareness

82% of the finance professionals who tested our product reported a positive shift in their digital finance awareness.

Learn from the leaders

Gain practical knowledge through real-life case studies and content designed and delivered by Deloitte finance experts.

Identify new opportunities

Find connections to your new world of work by identifying opportunities to take advantage of new technology.

Embed digital curiosity

Use the learning experience to build a culture of curiosity, giving teams the confidence to experiment.


Proprietary Deloitte content

Bite-sized learning

User-centric learning journey

Mobile enabled

Content specific to finance professionals

How it works

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