Doing business is getting harder every day. Things move faster, competitors get smarter and customers get more demanding. The good news is that there is an ever increasing abundance of data and information to help you understand and navigate this new world, but the reality is most organisations are struggling to corral, align and make use of this information. In fact, many seem to be drowning in it!

How we can help

At Monitor Analytics we use this data to unlock new value for our clients, providing answers to their most pressing challenges, finding and delivering new growth and new operational efficiencies.

Staying focused on your strategic priorities, we bring together the right functional and domain expertise with deep technical skills to cut through the distractions of competing priorities and technology challenges. We don’t just do this to study and advise: we embed solutions that endure and this is what defines us as a strategic analytics practice that deliver outcomes rapidly.

We bring together strategic and operational domain expertise with a number of related capabilities across predictive, prescriptive and cognitive analytics, to help our clients achieve desired outcomes for their organisations. This includes integrating input from specialists within a broad community of partners – such as McLaren Applied Technologies.

In addition to traditional consultancy services, we have developed a number of market leading products and accelerators which help us deliver outcomes for our clients as quickly as possible and on a sustainable basis. Our offerings include:

  • Pricing Strategies – Tracking global pricing dynamics, improving pricing strategies, calculating the right price level for each item and calculating when is the right time to discount, to what level.
  • Loyalty Strategies – Changing the customer proposition, finding ways to treat individuals how they want to be treated, at a personal level, to build stronger, more productive and mutually profitable relationships.
  • Marketing Strategies – Understanding the return on investment of increasingly interconnected omni-channel marketing activity, and using data to change the way marketing strategy is defined.
  • Location Strategies – Working out where best to position assets - be it shops, offices, outlets or fire trucks - to provide the best access to who needs to be served and what is needed to do it.
  • Economic Impact Assessment – Understanding the impact of macro and micro economic decisions and investments, to help increase the benefits to the economy and stakeholders. 

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Examples of our products

BenchMarque provides unparalleled insight into pricing trends, analysing over 100,000 products across the global luxury market each week, to help brands make informed and evidence-based pricing decisions.


 L3 - combines hundreds of data sources on supply and demand, to provide analysis on, and answer questions about changing, the physical presence of every industry and brand in the UK.

Through our services, our clients:

  • Develop clear strategic decisions founded on robust analyses, and see those through to the value they deliver
  • Rapidly embed decision support tools to enable their teams to take immediate action
  • Build a better understanding of their customers, products and services, changing the way they work with all of them
  • Set a suitable and competitive pricing structure to improve margin and reduce wastage
  • Understand the drivers of performance within their network of locations and how to identify where to open new locations, close poor locations and intervene in locations that should be performing better


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Ways to get more value

  • Use data to underpin the important strategic decisions taken by your organisation. Knowledge and understanding will always help people make better decisions. We help organisations clarify and prioritise the right questions and select the most appropriate data and analyses to direct and support their decisions.
  • Avoid boiling the ocean. Sometimes it feels like there is just too much data or it is too messy, and this can kill analytics projects through excessive cost and demoralising delays. The key is to start with the strategic question you have and focus on answering that. By focusing resources on clear and manageable goals, we find clients are more able to achieve their objectives and get value from our insights.
  • Use tools and products to accelerate the route to actionable insight. All our clients have finite resources, so it is important to know when to invest in building a strategic capability within their organisation, and when to use existing tools on the market that can provide a quicker or more cost effective route to value. We provide a number of products and accelerators across pricing, location planning and market analysis that help our clients get valuable insight quickly, without having to build significant internal teams.

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Key contacts

Jason Gordon

Jason Gordon

Private Sector Analytics Lead, UK

Jason leads the analytics practice for our Consumer Business industry group comprised of consumer packaged goods, retail, travel, hospitality and leisure clients. He has over 18 years of consulting ex... More