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Upcoming events

Remuneration Committee update, Tuesday 13 December 2022 08:30 – 10.00

In a challenging economic environment, boards will face heightened scrutiny in the coming months around 2022 remuneration outcomes and pay decisions for 2023. In this webinar, we will consider key issues for remuneration committees as they approach year end, in light of new investor guidance and an evolving external backdrop, as well as provide insight into how companies are responding to these challenges in practice.

Please contact Alice Dickins should you have any queries.

Remuneration Committee update

Tuesday 13 December 08:30 – 10.00

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Previous events

Annual Remuneration Strategy Conference 2022 (hybrid event)

Pay in a volatile environment

On Tuesday 11 October 2022 (13.30 – 17.00 BST) we held our Annual Remuneration Strategy Conference at our Auditorium in 2 New Street Square, London. This year, the conference focussed on considerations for remuneration committees and HR teams in setting pay arrangements and determining incentive outcomes in the current economic and geopolitical environment.

We were joined by a host of outstanding speakers, including Ian Tyler (Senior Independent Director and Remuneration Committee Chair, Anglo American plc), Annemarie Durbin (Remuneration Committee Chair, Persimmon plc and Santander UK plc), Alex Edmans (Professor of Finance, London Business School), Vineet Chhibber (Director, Blackrock) and Ian Stewart (Chief Economist, Deloitte).

To watch the Conference on demand click here.
To watch our HRD’s video click here.
To download the slides click here.

Remuneration Committee Update: AGM season round-up (Academy event)

Date: 16 June
Contact: Alison Barton

FS Reward Update Series 2022

Programme aimed at FS Reward Managers and Analysts.

Fee payable
Date: 25 May
Contact: John Cotton / Maria Powell

Remuneration Committee Update – a focus on climate and ESG (Academy event)

Date: 11 May

Remuneration Committee Update

Tuesday, 1 February 2022 - 08.30 - 10.00 GMT
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Stephen Cahill will discuss key decisions and considerations for remuneration committees approaching the year end, including the latest market data and investor insights ahead of the 2022 AGM season. This session will include live polling questions and a Q&A session.

Remuneration Committee Update – a focus on climate and ESG

Tuesday, 29 March 2022 – 08:30 - 10:00 GMT
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Companies are increasingly incorporating ESG and climate measures into executive incentive plans, as the focus of investors, regulators and external stakeholders continues to grow in this area.

This creates challenges for remuneration committees including setting appropriate targets, measuring and verifying progress and communicating the strategy with relevant stakeholders. We will explore some of these areas and market practice from December year end disclosures.
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