About the data

Digital Consumer Trends 2021, UK

Data cited in this report are based on a nationally representative sample of 4,160 UK consumers aged 16-75. The sample follows a country specific quota on age, gender, region and socio-economic status. Fieldwork took place during 23 June-15 July 2021 and was carried out online by Ipsos MORI, an independent research firm, based on a question set provided by Deloitte.

The survey comprises the following analyses: Connectivity: wireline and cellular, 5G uptake and attitudes, Interaction with mobile operators (operator loyalty, smartphone purchasing channels future of stores), Digital Entertainment (SVOD and AVOD, Video games and social media), News sources (sources of news, fake news and scepticism), Digital devices (Smartphones, smart home, device usage, sustainability etc.) , Data privacy (consumer attitudes and actions) and Digital health (health service subscriptions, wearables, quantified self).

The information shared on this website is a subset of this.

Results for other countries are also available on request.

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