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Our view on major trends from the industry

Knowing what will come next in tech, media and telcoms trends has become a key competitive differentiator and can give your business a leading edge. That is why each year we present our view on the major trends from the industry that will impact UK businesses.

This 17th edition of Deloitte's Technology, Media & Telecommunications (TMT) Predictions presents a fascinating array of trends, each developing at its own momentum, which will impact UK businesses and consumers in 2018 and beyond.

Many milestones will be reached this year. Progress will be exponential in some fields. But in other areas the way in which we live and work may shift imperceptibly.

Based on conversations with over 100 industry executives and more than 10,000 online interviews with members of the public, our endeavour is to provide a considered point of view on key industry trends. This year’s TMT Predictions explore 9 topics, from augmented reality and in-flight connectivity, to smartphone innovation and machine learning.

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