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Kalvinder Dhillon

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United Kingdom


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Kalvinder’s experience over the past 25 years has focused on Consumer Business and Technology, Media and Telecoms (TMT) clients. Kalvinder is a member of the Board of Deloitte North South Europe (NSE), Vice Chair of the UK Firm and Chair of Deloitte NSE's People and Purpose Committee. She also serves on the Deloitte UK Oversight Board

Previously Kalvinder worked on secondment in the US for seven years, leading the Global Employers Services Practice on the West Coast as well as time in New York.


Her present clients include a number of FTSE 100 consumer and TMT clients.

Recent projects include:

  • Leading the firm’s global relationship at a consumer business client.
  • Leading global employer services and human capital work for one of our largest technology clients.
  • Lead partner for one of our largest global immigration clients.


Kalvinder plays a significant role for the firm in supporting our Societal vision:

  • Lead partner supporting the CBI campaign for Change the Race Ratio - a campaign encouraging FTSE 350 companies to be transparent about their targets and commitments for Ethnic leadership at the Executive and Board level. Kalvinder was responsible for Deloitte being one of the first founders.
  • Lead partner supporting our partnership with Open for Business ensuring we continue to drive global parity and thought leadership around LGBTQ+ participation.
  • Deloitte partner on the board of City Mental Health Alliance ensuring we continue to focus on positive mental wellbeing.
Kalvinder Dhillon