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Supplier Sustainability: An ESG intelligence solution

Leverage granular product-level ESG data to improve operational decisions, achieve sustainable supply chains, and power differentiated customer experiences

Meeting rigorous environmental, social, and governance (ESG) and climate-related pressures now and in the future can be challenging and costly—especially when considering rapidly shifting B2C and B2B consumer buying orientation toward sustainable products, investor expectations to demonstrate progress toward established climate ambition, and—now—the Security and Exchange Commission's (SEC) proposed Scope 3 emissions reporting guidance. Critical to addressing these customer, investor, and regulatory hurdles is visibility into an organization's extended supply chain. Deloitte's Supplier Sustainability solution helps companies establish a path forward.

Supplier Sustainability at a glance

Deloitte’s subscription-based Supplier Sustainability platform leverages cloud and artificial intelligence (AI)/machine learning (ML) to help companies facilitate automated and standardized product-level ESG data capture across an organization’s extended, multi-tiered supply base; enhance operations with sustainability-focused decision support tools; and transform customer experiences and brand identity; all while assisting an organization to leverage that data to take control of their ESG narrative while fostering greater transparency and traceability.






How we make supplier sustainability real for you and your customers

Core platform capabilities

Automatic data capture

Automatically captures value chain data in line with any of the ESG reporting standards, disclosure requirements, and frameworks

ESG performance benchmarking

Combines supplier-specific data with open-source industry data to provide performance benchmarking at the product category or supplier levels

ESG spend fragmentation

Intelligently collates data to illuminate the breakdown between supplier spend and supplier ESG performance to align spend with an organization's sustainability agenda

Operational insights

Embeds ESG insights within existing job and procurement tools to operationalize ESG performance enhancement across the organization

Efficient data exchange

Efficiently exchanges ESG-related data across the customer-supplier ecosystem to accelerate discovery and reporting

ESG simulations

Employs artificial intelligence and machine learning to analyze the product or supplier-level data across multiple simulations to enable forward-looking decision analysis tools for ESG planning

Digital customer experiences

Transparency and traceability

Enable transparency and traceability across client value chains, including creating granular (e.g., product level) end-to-end visibility

B2B and B2C product cards

Differentiate products in the market with discerning buyers through product-level ESG statistics on emissions footprint, source of materials, and spend with diverse suppliers

Why the time to act is now

Expanded sustainability scope

As the ESG landscape transforms to meet current and future regulatory requirements, organizations have an elevated need to enhance visibility into their extended value chains. They must also achieve greater resiliency against potential risks such as outsized Scope 3 emission footprints, poor labor practices, and the use of conflict minerals. (Of note, Scope 3 emissions can account for 80%+ of an organization's emissions inventory).

Sustainability-minded customers

Organizations that are unwilling to adjust to the new paradigm of lifestyle choices and buying decisions driven by sustainability-based values will likely experience a loss of wallet share as the focus on corporate responsibility is shared across gender lines and generations.

Financial reputational risk

Organizations failing to provide accurate ESG disclosure across risk dimensions and commitments may be subject to costly legal action, and failure to progress their sustainability journeys could lead to low ESG ratings which can translate into higher insurable risk premiums and an increased cost of capital.

Along the supplier sustainability journey with you

Deloitte's Supplier Sustainability solution, built with suppliers and end-customers in mind, can help organizations answer and address questions across their sustainability journey.

Ready to improve how you collect ESG-related data, tell your story, and make sustainable progress?

Deloitte's Supplier Sustainability solution helps enterprises turn challenges into opportunities, serving as an advisor on your ESG and sustainability journey while helping you meet the demands of the market, regulators, investors, and consumers - and generate better outcomes for people and the planet. Start where it makes sense for you and get the insights you need to make better decisions, with lower costs and less complexity than pursuing it alone.

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