Sustainability 360™: A modular sustainability management solution

Measure and improve sustainability performance across your extended enterprise

Deloitte Digital’s Sustainability 360™, a sustainability management solution powered by Salesforce Net Zero Cloud, is designed to help you gain holistic visibility into your environmental, social, and governance (ESG) performance; detect and mitigate risk; and illuminate operational improvement opportunities—while providing continuous transparency for your stakeholders and enabling you to maintain a pulse on evolving regulatory requirements.

How is your extended enterprise affecting your sustainability performance?

You’re at the center of critical changes in business and society, facing an onslaught of challenges: rapidly evolving local and global sustainability regulations; growing demands for transparency; compliance pressure; and a broadening risk landscape that extends into environmental, social, and governance (ESG) issues. Staying proactive—or even taking the first step toward better ESG data management—can be overwhelming.

That’s why Sustainability 360 exists, bringing together:

Regulatory sensing

Understand direct and indirect impacts across your ecosystem globally.

ESG data collection

Automated, holistic ESG data collection and aggregation across the extended enterprise, at various levels of granularity and in line with current regulatory requirements.

Intelligence engine

Illuminates the most salient performance and risk improvement opportunities.

Enterprise-grade technology

A configurable, scalable, Salesforce-powered sustainability management technology solution that can sit on top of existing systems of record and integrate disparate sources of truth. Plus, the ability to integrate with AT&T’s asset connectivity solutions.

Industry experience

Our people know your business and work alongside you as an integrated team, helping empower sustainable change across your enterprise.







Sustainability 360 meets you on your sustainability journey

Built with third parties and end customers in mind, Sustainability 360 generates outcomes tied to your distinct priorities, while positioning you to get more ROI from your operational investments longer term.

You may be asking:• Which regulations does our organization need to abide by, based on its operating footprint?
• What are the emerging regulatory compliance requirements we need to prepare for?

We help you sort through current and emerging ESG-related compliance requirements.

You may be asking:• What data gaps do we have, and how do they affect our regulatory reporting?
• Which parties across my extended enterprise are not meeting their reporting obligations?

We help you collect and aggregate granular ESG and risk data to support visibility, compliance, and reporting initiatives.

You may be asking:• What is our emissions inventory for Scopes 1–3, and how does it compare to our targets?
• How are we performing against ESG KPIs?

We track spend-based and activity-based emissions and ESG performance benchmarks to help you understand your holistic sustainability performance.

You may be asking:
• Which parts of our extended enterprise are negatively affecting our sustainability performance?
• What sustainability risks could have an impact on our brand and our ability to serve customers?

We help you identify “hotspots” that materially affect your emissions and broader sustainability and resilience performance.

You may be asking:• Which technologies and services will generate the greatest sustainability ROI?
• How can we reduce investment hurdles for these improvements?

We help you align current-state performance with improvement levers to develop an ESG-focused improvement plan that includes a suite of services to enable purpose-driven change across the extended enterprise.

You may be asking:• How can we streamline ESG reporting to save time and money, while providing real-time transparency to stakeholders?
• How can we differentiate our products based on sustainability?

We help you report out to stakeholders, in line with leading non-financial disclosure requirements, and unlock brand differentiation through product-level ESG insights.

Benefits of 360-degree sustainability management



Own your story

Take control of your sustainability narrative and curate the most relevant and impactful elements for your stakeholders.


Establish trust

Show and tell consumers how you’re making sustainability expectations a reality, with reliable data to back it up.


Greater access to capital investment

Improve your ESG ratings and reduce costs of capital through greater transparency of sustainability performance and outcomes.


Differentiate your brand

Capture market share and increase customer loyalty by sharing granular ESG statistics on your emissions, sourcing, and spend.


Be proactive

Take a proactive stance on compliance: Stay prepared and gain confidence when facing regulatory and compliance shifts.


Enhance sourcing, procurement

Know how your extended enterprise is performing on the sustainability metrics that matter to you and make better decisions.


Strengthen your legacy

Put your purpose into action by working across your organization and extended enterprise to realize a better future.


Reduce carbon footprint

Work collaboratively with your extended enterprise to accelerate emissions reductions across Scopes 1, 2, and 3.




The Deloitte Digital advantage: Human experience and technical acuity, with trusted ecosystem relationships

We’re in the business of engineering advantage by combining deep industry, technical, and domain experience with market-leading ecosystem relationships to give you clarity and confidence on the sustainability journey. Get ready to make progress toward a more sustainable future for your customers, business, and the planet.

Technical experience

From technology strategy to integrations to setup and configuration, Deloitte helps you get running faster.

Ecosystem relationships

Deloitte, AT&T, and Salesforce are collaborating to help organizations streamline their processes, enhance data integrity and accelerate the identification of sustainability improvement opportunities across their operations and extended enterprise (learn more).

Domain experience

With experience across sustainability, supply chain, third-party risk and compliance, and customer and marketing strategy, we bring a holistic perspective focused on outcomes.

Sustainability 360™

An integrated, modular, scalable sustainability management solution means you have the right technology paired with the right guidance to turn your sustainability ambition into action—today and tomorrow.









Insights to guide your sustainability journey

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Ready to get started?

Let us help you improve how you collect and manage ESG-related data, influence change, and make sustainable progress.

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