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Child Support Solutions on the Salesforce Cloud Platform

Software as a Service (SaaS) platform for child support case management systems

Child support in the United States has reached a critical crossroads. Arguably one of the most effective federal programs, child support now faces new challenges, and state agencies are trying to adapt quickly to maintain effective child support solution programs. Emerging modern family structures, the changing job economy, and rising incarceration rates have affected many states’ child support solution programs. How can innovative technology keep these programs effective amidst changes in society?

By reimagining child support solution programs, state agencies can address these challenges by improving outcomes through customer service, increasing employee engagement, and focusing on data-driven performance improvement.

The next generation SaaS platform for child support case management systems

Citizens transacting with government agencies today expect the same convenience and service they experience in their personal lives. The push for better customer service is critical to provide better outcomes for the families that the child support program serves. The need to connect parents to programs and services to help them provide for their children, to modify support orders for struggling parents, and to expand customer access through mobile and multi-device support have pushed agency directors, chief technology officers, and their IT staff to search for better solutions.

HHS NextGen for Child Support is a next generation, SaaS solution for child support enforcement case management systems that can help bring child support enforcement solutions into the digital age. This child support case management solution combines the leading-class capabilities of the Salesforce cloud platform with deep functional capabilities drawn from Deloitte’s 35 years of child support system implementation experience.

Out of the box, this child support solution offers:

  • A tested Salesforce cloud platform with modern user experience, tailored to managing child support cases
  • 360-degree case management to holistically visualize complex cases and focus on factors impacting success
  • Online customer and partner portals to give customers and employers/attorneys on-the-go access to case information
  • Financial calculation engine to calculate complex payments according to configurable policies
  • Support orders creation to create and modify support orders based on guidelines and output of the financial calculation engine
  • Collections and disbursements to integrate with employers for wage garnishment and allocate payments fairly
  • Appeals/contest enforcement to give customers and lawyers access to submit and manage their appeals online
  • Supporting guides and resources, such as customer service chatbots, call center integration, a user-friendly knowledge base of frequently asked questions, and policy resources


The features that are available in this out-of-the-box Salesforce cloud platform provides immediate value to child support agencies, transforming their legacy systems into modern digital solutions. Benefits of HHS NextGen for Child Support powered by a Salesforce cloud platform include:

More time on value-added work

More adaptable to policy changes

Increased employee morale and productivity

Data-driven decision making

Enhance customer service and outcomes

Collaborative services coordination

Lower systems maintenance cost

Enhanced audit trail

Operational savings

Increase collections

Learn more about Deloitte’s child support solution on the Salesforce cloud platform.
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