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The International and M&A team provides updates on a regular basis regarding recent International Tax updates and news in the Middle East and Gulf region.

1 July 2024

OECD Pillar Two: Further guidance published

24 April 2024 

Federal Iraq - Tax News Flash

15 March 2024

Public Consultation

22 December 2023

OECD Pillar Two: Further guidance

27 November 2023

Amendments to the Corporate Tax Law to cater for Pillar Two

16 November 2023

Social Security Law no.18 of 2023

3 November 2023

Upcoming ESR compliance and filing obligations

2 October 2023

Introducing the Global Pillar Two Legislative Tracker | Your Go-To Tool for Up-to-Date developments on Pillar Two by country and jurisdiction

14 September 2023

Pillar Two implementation in the UAE | 2025 timeline

24 July 2023

Deloitte International Tax news: OECD Pillar Two updates

5 May 2023

Upcoming Economic Substance compliance and filing obligations

21 December 2022

OECD Pillar Two: Information return and safe harbors published

8 December 2022

Tax accounting considerations for Corporate Tax in the UAE and BEPS Pillar Two

9 November 2022

Cabinet Resolution on tax residency issued

19 October 2022

The OECD releases the final guidance on CARF and amendments to CRS

27 September 2022

ZATCA issues new requirements mandating all KSA Reporting Financial Institutions to file an audited FATCA and CRS certification of compliance on an annual basis

14 September 2022

Update on Global Minimum Tax (Pillar 2) developments

31 August 2022

The State of Kuwait and United Arab Emirates have signed a double Tax Treaty

2 June 2022

KSA Tax Authorities announce a tax amnesty effective 1 June until 30 November 2022

26 May 2022

Upcoming Economic Substance compliance and filing obligations

29 April 2022

The UAE has launched a Public Consultation Document on Corporate Tax

28 April 2022

Public consultation for Corporate Tax to be launched on 28 April 2022

31 January 2022

The introduction of Corporate Tax has been announced

5 January 2022

The OECD Inclusive Framework releases the Model Rules for the domestic implementation of Pillar Two

7 November 2021

Update on the new UAE and Egypt Tax Treaty

17 October 2021

OECD Inclusive Framework agrees on the design components of Pillar One and Pillar Two

11 October 2021

Upcoming Economic Substance compliance and
filing obligations in the UAE

19 September 2021

DAC 6 and Middle East Tax companies

30 August 2021

Tax Implications for new international entrants into the power sector

6 July 2021

OECD Inclusive Framework reaches political agreement on taxing the digitalized economy and a global minimum rate

16 June 2021

Global minimum corporate income tax 

6 May 2021

The new online portal for economic substance
compliance is now live

25 March 2021

Economic Substance update on the new compliance and administrative

8 November 2020

UAE MoF releases updated Economic Substance notification and report templates (including guidance)

27 October 2020

The UAE MoF issued new templates for the economic substance notification and report

22 October 2020

Implementation of the MLI across the Middle East and status update

3 September 2020

Amendments to the Economic Substance Regulations and Guidance

20 July 2020

KSA issues guidance on the Mutual Agreement Procedure

19 July 2020

UAE Economic Substance update 

22 April 2020

UAE Economic Substance notification updates - DIFC and Ajman confirm deadlines

19 April 2020

Social security measures in Iraq are currently in place

14 April 2020

UAE Economic Substance notification updates

8 April 2020

Bahrain issues Guidance on the Mutual Agreement Procedure

2 February 2020

Guidance issued on free zone economic substance regulations

22 January 2020

Additional guidance on economic substance rules released

4 December 2019

Regulatory authorities for new economic substance reporting requirements announced

7 November 2019

Federal Iraq has extended the waiver to include late payment penalty and interest

23 June 2019

 The UAE introduces new Economic Substance Rules

6 February 2019

New economic substance rules introduced by “tax havens” brought into force from 1 January 2019

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