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Cautious optimism among Swiss CFOs

Majority expect little to no effects on their own companies from possible TTIP or Brexit, but see the end of the Schengen agreement as possible threat.
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CFOs see a brighter outlook

Deloitte CFO Survey - Q1 2016 Results

CFOs’ outlook for the Swiss economy remains subdued, despite improving over the past three quarters. They are more optimistic about their company’s financial prospects over the next 12 months.

Subdued economic outlook - Optimistic revenue outlook

  • CFOs' expectations for the economy continue to improve, but remain slightly negative. 24% are optimistic about the Swiss economy, while 28% are pessimistic.
  • The revenue outlook improved in Q1 2016: 64% predict rising revenues, and 18% expecting a decrease. However, the outlook for operating margins over the next 12 months is less positive, with 28% of CFOs expecting operating margins to grow and 41% to shrink.

(Geo)political risks

  • The strength of the Swiss franc and geopolitical risks remain at the top of the list of CFOs’ perceived risks over the next 12 months.
  • 44% of CFOs expect a negative impact on their company if the Schengen Agreement is terminated. Only 1% expect to gain from such a scenario, and 55% anticipate no effect.

Focus on defensive corporate strategies

  • Controlling costs remained the most frequently mentioned corporate strategy for the next 12 months (88%), with cost reduction in third place (56%).
  • However, companies are not exclusively in defensive mode, with organic growth the second most mentioned strategy (61%). Expanding into new markets and introducing new products and services are also considered strategic priorities.

The results in this report are complemented by results from Deloitte’s European CFO Survey.


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About the CFO Survey

The survey comprises 20 questions which recur each quarter and around 10 questions unique to the financial conditions of the previous quarter. This allows us to provide you with both specific feedback on the market conditions relevant to the previous quarter, as well as ongoing trend analysis regarding how financial conditions are evolving and how your peers are reacting to them. 

The CFO Survey brings the views of CFOs to a wide audience in the media and among policy makers and is a valuable benchmark for Swiss business leaders.

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