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Frosty mood among Swiss CFOs at the start of the new year

Increasing state regulation is giving Swiss CFOs cause for concern. The shortage of skilled staff, which could be exacerbated by the increasing regulation of the labor market, is also seen as a major challenge for 2015.


Deloitte CFO Survey

Delivering the voice of the Swiss CFO community

In September 2009 Deloitte successfully launched a quarterly survey of Chief Financial Officers and Group Finance Directors of major companies based in Switzerland. The Survey gauges their attitudes towards the outlook for business, financing, risks and strategies and is designed to identify trends and key themes in the Swiss corporate sector. The CFO Survey is the only survey of its kind in Switzerland.

The survey comprises 20 questions which recur each quarter and around 10 questions unique to the financial conditions of the previous quarter. This allows us to provide you with both specific feedback on the market conditions relevant to the previous quarter, as well as ongoing trend analysis regarding how financial conditions are evolving and how your peers are reacting to them. 

The CFO survey brings the views of CFOs to a wide audience in the media and among policy makers and is a valuable benchmark for CFOs.

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The Deloitte CFO Survey - Q4 2014 Results

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The Deloitte CFO Survey - A chill wind blows

The mood among Swiss CFOs has become chillier. The number of CFOs who remain at least cautiously optimistic despite a difficult and uncertain environment has again dipped compared with the preceding quarter. CFOs’ appetite for risk, which was still high in Q3, has also dropped. The strength of the Swiss Franc after the abolition of the EUR/CHF exchange rate floor could further increase the uncertainty among CFOs. 

The Deloitte CFO Survey - Q3 2014 Results

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The Deloitte CFO Survey - Confidence falls as uncertainty increases

The mood among Swiss CFOs has become more pessimistic. They are less confident about the future than in previous quarters, in particular as a result of poorer economic data both at home and abroad. A weaker Swiss economy, the sluggish economic recovery in Europe and muted expectations for the economy in Germany, one of Switzerland’s key export markets, are all contributing to this loss of confidence. Armed conflicts are another increasingly important factor contributing to CFOs’ uncertainty, with geopolitical risks – and not economic risks – clearly dominating their assessment of risk this quarter. 

The Deloitte CFO Survey - Q2 2014 Results

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Deloitte CFO Survey - Sustained optimism despite increasing risks

The mood among Swiss CFOs continues to be upbeat. The Deloitte CFO Confidence Index is up a further two points this quarter, to +39. This continues the sustained improvement since the end of 2011, when the Index stood at a low of -36.

However, CFOs are more optimistic about the outlook for the corporate environment than about their own company’s growth prospects (+48 as against +32). This general trend is also borne out in their responses to individual questions. CFOs see a higher level of risk to their own company than to the Swiss economy as a whole this quarter. As a result, many companies are still opting for defensive corporate strategies. 

The Deloitte CFO Survey - Q1 2014 Results

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Deloitte CFO Survey - A sustained recovery?


The mood among Swiss CFOs continues to be upbeat. The Deloitte CFO Confidence Index stands at +37 in Q1 2014 (up from +31 in Q4 2013), continuing the improvement that began at the end of 2011.

CFOs remain optimistic both about the corporate environment (a net balance of +47, up from +40 in the previous quarter) and about their own company’s prospects (+31, up from +26 in the previous quarter). External factors, such as turbulence in individual growth markets or the crisis in Ukraine, have so far had no visible impact on confidence.

The Deloitte CFO Survey - Q4 2013 Results

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The Deloitte CFO Survey - Starting 2014 on a wave of confidence

Swiss CFOs continue to be optimistic as they look ahead, and their assessment of the corporate environment and growth remain positive in Q4 2013. 

Key findings of the CFO Survey: Swiss CFOs are even more optimistic about the economy this quarter than in Q3 2013. 80% are optimistic about the economic outlook over the next 12 months, the highest quarterly figure since March 2011, and only a very small minority (4%) believe that Switzerland will face a recession over the next two years.


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