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Today, more than ever, a transforming economic landscape has increased uncertainty and opportunities for many businesses in Switzerland. From a CFO’s perspective, how can organisations best address the resulting strategic challenges and be prepared for the future?​ In our CFO talk CFOs from different sectors and company sizes across Switzerland provide answers to these questions.

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CFO Georg Fischer Group

Mads Joergensen

“AI in general is going to have a significant influence on the finance function over the next decade.”


Timo Ihamuotila

"With our value creation model at the core, we want to continuously improve the way we report on the progress against our ambitions and demonstrate how we create value holistically for our stakeholders in the short-, medium- and long-term. With all of this, there are indeed very exciting times ahead of us!"

CFO Vitra

Paula Indermühle

"The position of CFO will continue to develop as a supporting and structuring role in management and will remain extremely exciting as it combines strategic orientation, an analytical mindset and influence on the company."

CFO Bucher Industries

Manuela Suter

"We CFOs are facing significant changes to our role, presenting us with both challenges and fresh opportunities. We need to continue to ensure financial stability and also make the most of new digital technologies."

CFO Tecan Group

Tania Micki

"I have always believed that the role of the CFO is strategic."

President CFO Forum and Head of the Institute IFZ

Markus Gisler

"I would appeal to companies to promote continuing training and CPD for their staff. That will ensure they have more skilled staff to choose from and enhance their ability to attract talent in the jobs market."

CFO Kempinski Hotels

Isidoro Geretto

"Wise allocation of resources remains the top priority for CFOs as well as keeping a healthy balance sheet."

CFO at travel site and app Skyscanner

Laurence Tracol

"I see significant benefits in our hybrid working model: office time is now geared toward face-to-face meetings and building connections, fostering innovation and driving decisions."

CFO Skyguide

Nicole Leyre

"If we are not ecologically sustainable, we will not be financially sustainable either."

CFO Ringier AG

Annabella Bassler

"There is no successful leadership in Finance without considering self-reflection."

CFO Kuehne+Nagel Group

Markus Blanka-Graff

"Human creativity and communication are key in a time where supply chains are under such big pressure."

CFO Emmi Group

Ricarda Demarmels

"It is crucial to respond proactively to change, learn from it and make use of the opportunities."


Erich Hangartner

"We need ambitious, but also achievable, sustainability goals."


Jill Lee

"The pandemic was a stress test to the CFO role."

CFO Siemens Switzerland

Jörn Harde

“Trust is built between people, not between algorithms.” ​


Dr. Luc Schultheiss

“It is crucial that companies remain agile and keep costs flexible.” ​


Martin Lorenz

“The crisis has simply accelerated an existing move to online shopping that had already been occurring over the previous few years.” ​


Stefan Kopp

“Building relationships with key stakeholders and ensuring good crisis communications during a pandemic is key.”​


Ivo Wechsler

“Transparent financial reporting and an effective core team are key in a time of crisis.”​


Alessandro Miolo

Managing Partner, Audit & Assurance
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Michael Grampp

Research Director & Chief Economist +41 58 279 6817 View profile

Dennis Brandes

Senior Research Manager +41 58 279 6537 View profile

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