Interview with Ricarda Demarmels - CFO Emmi

This interview was published on 6 January 2022

Deloitte: What lasting changes do you think the pandemic will make to the future role of CFOs?

Ricarda Demarmels: It is increasingly important for companies to have a robust business model, along with a diversified portfolio and a cautious policy to their balance sheet. They also need to be strong and agile so that they can look ahead and respond proactively to change, learn from it and make use of the opportunities it represents.

Deloitte: Sustainability is an increasingly hot topic. What can you as CFO do to support sustainability within your own company?

Ricarda Demarmels: We pursue a responsible business model focused on sustainable growth. My role is to ensure that the company shares this view and to drive change proactively also beyond the company itself to minimise risk and the associated costs in the long term and to boost trust and confidence in Emmi and our brands.

Deloitte: The most recent CFO Survey reveals that many companies now see supply chain problems as the greatest risk facing them. How serious do you think these problems are? And how are you tackling them?

Ricarda Demarmels: We are affected by these problems too. Local value chains, ongoing logistical optimisation, and a forward-looking approach to procurement based on long-term partnerships beyond the company itself are the ways we will tackle this challenging situation.

Ricarda Demarmels

CFO at Emmi Group

Ricarda Demarmels has been CFO of the Emmi Group and a member of the Group Management team since 2019. Since 2018, she has also been a member of the Board at Sensirion as well as Chairwoman of its Audit Committee and a member of its Independent Directors’ Committee. Ricarda Demarmels was presented with the CFO of the Year Award for her achievements at the CFO Day 2021.