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Deloitte’s Technology, Media & Telecommunications (TMT) industry practice brings together one of the world’s largest group of specialists respected for helping shape many of the world’s most recognized TMT brands and helping those brands thrive in a digital world.​


Technology Fast 500™: Does your company have what it takes to rank?

The Fast 500 is a ranking of the fastest growing tech, media, telecom, life sciences and clean tech companies in North America based on revenue growth. 


A multi-generational view of consumer technology, media, and telecom trends

Deloitte’s Digital Democracy survey offers a look into emerging generational media consumption trends.


Technology leadership perspectives

Hear our leaders' take on the technology trends disrupting the industry and fueling growth. 

Deloitte University Press

From invisible to visible…to measurable: Social analytics extends enterprise performance management

Social media can help companies open communication channels up, down, and across the enterprise to gain data-driven insights and improve business outcomes. 

Deloitte University Press

The hero's journey through the landscape of the future

The forces of the Big Shift are driving both fragmentation and consolidation, fundamentally changing the nature of the relationships among businesses.


Technology Industry

We serve companies across multiple sub-sectors including software, computer hardware and networking equipment, semiconductor, and IT services. 


Media and Entertainment Industry

Serving companies in the media and entertainment industry including: film studios, gaming companies, advertising agencies, publishers and social networks.


Telecommunications Industry

Learn about our telecommunications industry practice and how we help companies maximize growth, mitigate risk and gain a competitive edge.


Deloitte US Center for the Edge

Your future business is at the Edge of your current business. Explore our original research and discover the opportunities that exist on the edge.

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Eric Openshaw

Vice Chairman | US Tech, Media & Telecom Leader


Paul Sallomi

Vice Chairman | U.S. Technology Leader


Gerald Belson

Vice Chairman | US Media & Entertainment Leader


Craig Wigginton

Vice Chairman | US Telecommunications Leader