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CPG companies: Your next growth opportunity has a user name and password

With the pace of digital commerce in packaged goods expected to accelerate, CPG companies should act now with a coordinated, systematic approach.

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Digital commerce in the supermarket aisle

New research suggests that there may be more growth potential in the e-commerce channel than many CPG executives realize.


2013 American Pantry Study

Same game, different approaches

In 2010, Deloitte embarked upon the inaugural American Pantry Study to understand the recession‘s impact on shoppers. This research included the role of brands, shopper channel planning, and brand trade-off strategies. In 2011, we looked further into consumer behaviors and attitudes to reveal the continued impact of the recession. The 2013 report builds on the two previous studies, with a deep analysis of the reasons people buy, the risks they are managing, and the ways the consumer has changed.​

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Cautious. Frugal. Resourceful. This is the behavior reflected in the 2013 American Pantry Study, as we see the recessionary mindset continue for the third consecutive year. In our survey we found more careful consumers who feel smarter about the way they shop and are remorseful about their prior wastefulness. They do not feel they are sacrificing as they continue to look for ways to save. Loyalty card usage is growing and coupons do not appear to be a catalyst for unplanned purchases.


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Will consumers choose you?

Implications: Will the consumer choose you?​​

Shopping across channels has remained the norm for food, beverage, and household goods, introducing consumers to a broad range of pack sizes, offering sizes to save.  Throughout the shopping process, smartphones’ relevance in-store and away-from-store is increasing. Simultaneously, there is an unmet demand for online shopping in these categories. Millenials lead the way in embracing technology, but the Baby Boomers have shown a rapid increase in their interest.

An in-depth look at the product categories, brands, and consumer preferences detailed in this study will provide critical information for taking the right next steps.

Consumers are re-evaluating their brand relationships, leading to continual brand erosion since 2010. However, brand loyalty dynamics vary by product category. In nearly every category, some brands became stronger amidst overall category “Must Have Brand” rating decline, defining the characteristics that hold the key to remain tops on consumers' lists.

Six key implications from the U.S. Consumer:

  • Frugal attitudes and behaviors have endured
  • Selective loyalty among “Must Have Brands”
  • Consumers find value in store brands
  • Cross-channel shopping
  • Consumers are embracing technology
  • Unmet demand for shopping online

Previous years' surveys

The American Pantry Study is an annual report Deloitte has continued to administer to help the industry understand the role of brands, consumer behavior, and brand trade-off strategies in the midst of new financial realities. Explore our studies from 2011 and 2010.

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