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Mid-market perspectives

America’s economic engine

Since 2011, Deloitte Growth Enterprise Services has surveyed mid-market executives about their expectations, priorities and plans. During that time, the results have helped track a slow but steady evolution from cautious optimism to recognition of the need to move ahead.

2015 report on America's economic engine

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2015 report on America’s economic engine

The findings in our latest survey show how mid-market companies are tempering investments in hiring and capital expenditures and shifting their focus to internal funding for productivity-enhancing technologies and increased compensation.

2014 report on America's economic engine

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Spring 2014

Along with an update on current issues and trends, this report continues the exploration started in our fall 2013 survey about how mid-market companies might drive superior long-term performance, based on research findings from The Three Rules: How Exceptional Companies Think. Co-author Michael Raynor, director, Deloitte Services LP, provides insights about 2014 survey responses related to performance and growth. 

Mid-market perspectives: Moving ahead

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Fall 2013: Moving ahead

​In the spring of 2013, responses to our annual survey of mid-market executives indicated companies were poised for growth, despite continuing economic uncertainty. Six months later, a new survey shows that companies in this segment now appear to be moving ahead.

2013 report on America’s economic engine

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​Spring 2013

​Our third annual survey revealed that mid-market companies appeared poised for growth and had taken steps to grow their revenue, boost productivity, and fine-tune their competitive positions. Despite concerns about the macroeconomic impact of policy decisions and debates in Washington, they were generally optimistic about their own business prospects.

Mid-market perspectives: Why entrepreneurs matter

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Fall 2012: Why entrepreneurs matter

Can mid-sized companies benefit from adopting entrepreneurial behavior most often attributed to start-ups? According to this report, based on results from a September 2012 survey of 652 mid-market executives, the answer is yes.

2012 report on America’s economic engine

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Spring 2012

This report details the flexible and adaptable approach executives are taking to move their companies forward in an uncertain environment. It encompasses areas ranging from financing to technology, talent management, and growth strategies.

Mid-market perspectives: Competing in uncertain times

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Fall 2011: Competing in uncertain times

In an April 2011 survey, mid-market company executives told us they were cautiously optimistic about the economy. Since then, expectations have gone from modest to minimal. Nevertheless, most executives in this segment continue to believe that their businesses will improve in the coming year.

2011 report on America’s economic engine

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Spring 2011

At the time this survey was conducted, an overwhelming majority – 93 percent – of mid-market companies expected the U.S. economy to grow after enduring the worst economic downturn in 80 years. However, ongoing concern about government debt and overall strength of the economy tempered their optimism.

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