About Valuation

and Modeling Services

Valuing businesses, securities, investments, and intangible assets such as trademarks, patents and customer relationships is a complex task that calls for insightful analysis of information from numerous internal and external sources.

Deloitte Albania & Kosovo provides business valuation and consultative services to clients throughout Europe.  Our valuation and modelling team performs valuation of business entities and subsidiaries, equity interests, private debt instruments, fixed assets, and intangible assets to assist clients with mergers, acquisitions, and dispositions; financial reporting; fairness and solvency opinions; and management strategic planning.  Our team also provides specialized analysis of individual assets and assets portfolios to help clients identify and capitalize on new business opportunities. 

We often produce quantitative models for companies like yours when they are evaluating strategic options, considering a transformational transaction, or undertaking an important project. These models can help you make better decisions and increase stakeholder value by simplifying project dynamics and allowing “what if” scenarios with robust and insightful analysis, flexibility, customization, and reliability. We can help you develop detailed financial models to analyze your transactions’ economics and provide the industry knowledge necessary for decision analysis.

Most importantly, we understand how to quantify and present valuation analyses and conclusions in concert with prevailing accounting, tax, and regulatory codes, for transaction, financing, strategic management, and compliance purposes.

Our services include:

• Business combinations

• Intangible assets valuation

• Goodwill and asset impairment analysis

• Real property and estate valuation

• Restructuring and turnaround services

• Business planning 

• Feasibility studies

• PPP and joint ventures