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Deloitte Access Economics

Dedicated to creating a better future for Australia

Deloitte Access Economics offers a full suite of macro and microeconomic advisory services including forecasting, modelling, policy analysis and consulting.

About us

The team at Deloitte Access Economics is united by a passion for economics and a belief that it can create a better future for all. Every day we apply rigorous economic analysis to tackle the big issues.

Deloitte Access Economics is one of the most referenced sources of economic authority for media, government and business in Australia. We offer a full suite of macroeconomic and microeconomic services, including economic and financial forecasting and modelling, policy and program evaluation, and regulatory economics.

Our economic rigour comes with practical commercial advice to help shape public policy, deliver business insights and inform investment strategy. We share practical policy, industry and evidence based insight to help businesses and governments tackle the most complex economic, financial and social challenges.

Deloitte Access Economics assists clients across Australia, New Zealand and the Asia-Pacific region. We also work with clients worldwide. Our clients include listed and private companies operating in a range of sectors, including health, education, energy and resources, transport, and financial services. Our government and regulatory clients include Australia’s federal and state governments, peak bodies and industry associations and local councils.

Winner - Consensus Economics 2014 Forecast Accuracy Award


On 1 June 2015 global economic survey house Consensus Economics named Deloitte Access Economics as the winner of their annual Forecast Accuracy Award based on the 2014 GDP and Consumer Price forecasts. Find out more

What makes us different?

We help you make informed decisions

Our team's depth and breadth of experience is matched by a strong understanding of Australia’s economic drivers. With experience in many different industry sectors, our practitioners understand your environment. This industry knowledge ensures the analytical insights we provide are relevant and topical. 

Independent analysis 

Deloitte Access Economics’ rigorous qualitative and quantitative analysis is supported by proprietary and specialist models refined over many years. Our highly qualified economists and practitioners have a strong reputation for objectivity and integrity.

Our services

Deloitte Access Economics has provided support to our clients on a diverse range of topics including:

  • Macroeconomic policy, forecasting and demographic trends
  • Public policy analysis, development and agenda setting
  • Health economics, aged care and social policy
  • Program and policy evaluation, including social impact assessments
  • General equilibrium modelling, for policy and scenario analysis, impact assessment and climate change
  • Financial sector modelling, funding assessments and strategic planning
  • Demand and supply analysis, workforce analysis and microsimulation models
  • Costing, contribution analysis, cost benefit and cost effectiveness analysis
  • Regulatory impact assessment.

Subscription publications

Deloitte Access Economics produces five industry-leading subscription publications containing key economic views, analyses and forecasts:

  • Budget Monitor
  • Business Outlook
  • Retail Outlook
  • Investment Monitor
  • Employment Forecasts.

We also produce the Weekly Economic Briefing a personal view of financial and economic issues written by two senior Deloitte economists – David Rumbens from Deloitte Access Economics in Australia and Ian Stewart, Deloitte’s Chief Economist in the UK.

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Stephen Smith

Stephen Smith

Lead Partner, Deloitte Access Economics

Stephen is the Lead Partner of Deloitte Access Economics, with responsibility for managing the practice. He is a Partner in the Macroeconomic Policy and Forecasting Group and leads Deloitte Access Eco... More

Michael Kissane

Michael Kissane

Partner, Deloitte Access Economics

  Mike is the CEO of Deloitte Access Economics, a team of 150 macroeconomic and microeconomic specialists. Deloitte Access Economics is a highly referenced source of economic authority for media, gove... More

Chris Richardson

Chris Richardson

Partner, Deloitte Access Economics

Chris is in charge of the Deloitte Access Economics’ forecasting and policy unit and is one of Australia’s best known economists. A highly sought after commentator and presenter on economic trends in ... More