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We have been turning challenges on climate change, circular economy, and sustainable finance into competitive advantages for our clients for more than 20 years. When you need to operate a climate driven transformation, reshape your business models, create transparent, ethical supply chains, build engagement, or measure, evaluate and assure, we have the innovative approaches and digital solutions that will empower you to think and act differently. 

Our areas of expertise

ESG Reporting & Assurance

Disclosure of reliable non-financial information in line with legislative and stakeholder expectations

Deloitte helps organisations publish credible non-financial information in line with the expectations of regulators and stakeholders. Non-financial information is often defined as Environmental, Social and corporate Governance (ESG) information, referring to the three core components of measuring a company's sustainability and societal impact.

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Non-financial reporting 

CSRD Webinar

IFRS in Focus


Circular Economy

Implementation of circularity and transition to circular business models

Deloitte helps organizations from various industries in the transition from a linear to a circular business model by improving their design-for-circularity, transforming waste management and increasing the usage of recycled content into new products.

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Pathways towards circular plastics

Procurement in a circular economy

The Changing Plastics Landscape: Is the chemical industry prepared?

Climate & Energy

Reframe and rethink the future for organisations navigating through the climate change transition

Deloitte helps corporates active in energy intensive industries and energy players in retaining their license-to-operate and achieve a maximum reduction in greenhouse gas emissions. Additionally, we support public authorities in defining a roadmap to support their transition.

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The role of clean gas in a climate neutral Belgium

Flemish Industry aims to become carbon neutral 

Decarbonizing road freight: Getting into gear

Deloitte Insights on Sustainability

Creating a viable hydrogen economy 

The economic implications of climate change

The potential of hydrogen for the chemical industry

2022 renewable energy industry outlook: new avenues are opening

Sustainable Finance

Embedding environmental, social and governance considerations at financial institutions and corporates

Deloitte supports organisations to integrate environmental, social and governance considerations into their strategy, operations, products and purpose.

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FAQ Sustainable Finance 

How CFOs can manage sustainability risks and create long-term value

Sustainable Finance Disclosure Regulation

EU Taxonomy Case Study: Implementation process, results and recommendations

Climate Change and Banks

Sustainable Performance Management & Reporting

Assist organisations in tracking performance towards sustainable ambitions

Deloitte assists organisations in their need to track sustainable performance and compare it to sustainability goals and ambitions. We provide help with reporting sustainability indicators for annual reporting and assessments of (low carbon) investments in terms of their financial and climate impact. Tracking sustainability measures, for instance by building a carbon modelling tool that tracks greenhouse gas emissions, allows organisations to report sustainability information in their annual reporting.

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Sustainability Performance Management App

Toward Common Metrics and Consistent Reporting of Sustainable Value Creation

Sustainability Reporting Strategy

Sustainability Performance Management E-Book

The European Commission proposal for a Directive for Corporate Sustainability Due Diligence is out

Sustainability Strategy

Translating economic, societal and environmental challenges into long-term business value

Companies with a well-defined sustainability strategy are ideally positioned to turn these pressures into sources of competitive advantage, which in turn will ensure a robust and resilient organisation with a positive impact on society.

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The future of the Chief Sustainability Officer 

Climate Targets Rooted in Science 

The potential of hydrogen for the chemical industry

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