Learning programme design

Our Learning services will set you up for success through defining the learning needs for your organisation and designing the learning journeys to equip your teams with right set of skills and make them shine in their respective roles.

We leverage on experience-based, educational insights and Deloitte’s global subject matter expert network to design learning journeys that will accelerate the organisational development and will increase work efficiency and effectiveness. By applying agile project management and design-thinking methodology, we create impactful learning programmes with a clear path and recommend a carefully considered set of learning activities, media, and channels. We leverage data from your learning management systems, experience platforms and record stores to understand your audience’s learning preferences and maximise the impact for your workforce and your business. 

Where we stand out
  • Design thinking: we apply the customer centric approach of design thinking to understand the learner and their needs. 
  • Design of learning journey: We take a holistic approach to design the learning journeys, with a strong emphasis on the learning impact. Carefully designed learning programmes are proven to have a stronger impact than punctual, one-off interventions.
  • ADDIE: Our instructional designers apply the ADDIE model to create effective learning experiences. Following a five-step approach of Analysis, Design, Development, Implementation and Evaluation, we design the learning programmes with the learning goals in mind.

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Jeroen Van Eeghem

Jeroen Van Eeghem

Senior Director | Learning Development lead | Human Capital | Consulting

Jeroen is a Senior Director at the Workforce Transformation in Belgium. He brings over 20 years of experience in corporate learning to the teams he works with and the clients he serves. Jeroen has a b... More