Workforce strategy

Our workforce strategy and planning services will help you compose and activate the workforce of the future. Our mix of upskilling and reskilling services will help you detect the critical skills and capabilities of the future, assess your organisation’s preparedness and unlock the potential through impactful programmes.

The Future of Work is our natural habitat. By applying hands-on methodologies and approaches, we strive to enable businesses prepare their workforce of tomorrow. 

  •  Job canvas and work outcomes help imagine the future jobs for your most critical workforce and their core elements of a job in the future. These include responsibilities, skills, experiences, tools, activities and output they produce. Based on input from SME interviews (including discipline leaders, HR partners, and managers in related roles), research and expert opinions regarding the future of key jobs, our tools bring to life the changes in job design, talent acquisition, learning and development (which are paramount for your future success).
  • Skills and competency framework projects will help you identify which skills are crucial for an efficient flow in your organisation and which competencies are key for your staff to thrive in their roles. Through a thorough analysis of work performed in your organisation, and leveraging best practices of the industry, the established competency frameworks will become your tool to guide the talent management processes.
  • Skills mapping and competency assessment projects will help you evaluate your current workforce and identify any skill gaps present in your future. Our survey-based solutions and skills engines, which are tailored to your organisational needs, provide invaluable data reports and insights to direct your learning and development, reskilling and workforce strategies. 
  • Workload assessments will identify any potential workload imbalances in your organisation and will recommend to optimise work allocation and will ensure that the workload is balanced, focused and fair. A deep analysis of the work provides a holistic picture of current workload associated with your ongoing activities. It will serve to optimize your workforce strategy and organizational structure.
  • Upskilling and reskilling strategy projects will identify the skills of the future and bring their development in your organisation to life. Reskilling strategies are designed to support your workforce in learning and preparing for their next, most likely digitally-enabled, job. Reskilling and upskilling strategies will also help your organisation to build resilience during uncertain times and to remain profitable in a competitive market of today.

Navigating the end of jobs

As skills replace jobs as the focal point for matching workers with work, Peter Van De Wielle and Maarten Pinxten shed light on how we got here, what it takes to become a skills-based organisation, and what the future may hold.

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Peter Van De Wielle

Peter Van De Wielle

Director | Workforce Transformation

As team leader for Learning Experience & Advisory team, Peter considers Learning within the organization a strategic differentiator allowing organizations to future proof its workforce by preparing fo... More