Change Management Playbook

Your key tools for driving change in a digital world

Large scale - policy, organisational or technological - transformations are complex and long-lasting quests involving multiple stakeholders. How organisations are aligned and rallied to the change plays either as an accelerator or as hurdles along the way.

Change Management is a framework offering customised approaches during the entire journey ensuring that transformations are thoroughly, smoothly, effectively implemented with lasting and engrained benefits. The framework draws on many disciplines, from psychology, behavioral science to engineering, with a common thread: change does not happen in isolation. People are key agents of transformations. How you engage them into the journey is a crucial step in the change process.

Our Deloitte Playbook proposes an illustration of a selection of tools and techniques to engage stakeholders and build their buy-in used by Deloitte as part of our Change Management framework. 


Change does not happen in isolation; people are key agents of transformations 
- Hilde Van De Velde -

Overview Playbook

Curious to find out more?

During spring 2021 we organized two Cockpit sessions where we shared the above tools and techniques. Especially for these sessions, each of the tools were presented by their inventors or expert-users. In this way we hope to connect your interest with their in-depth experience.

Take a look at how they presented below:


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