Robotic Process Automation

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Deloitte’s Robotic Process Automation (RPA) offering delivers automated and improved business processes that make your organisation more effective and efficient.

Robotic Process Automation

Robotic Process Automation (RPA) is a disruptive technology that allows organisations to automate business processes in a controlled, flexible and scalable way.

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Our approach - There are typically five steps to developing an automation strategy

Defining Robotic Process Automation

Via dedicated robotic software, Robotic Process Automation is capable of fully automating manual, repetitive, rules based, back office administrative business processes handled by humans. Robotic Process Automation emulates human execution of repetitive processes with existing applications.

Robotic Process Automation enables business operations to be agile, cost effective and more accurate by creating a "virtual workforce" with multiple and tangible benefits:

  • 24/7 availabilities
  • Reduced cost of execution and increased process efficiency
  • Improved accuracy (quality) of the process execution
  • Increased compliance and security
  • Improved flexibility and scalability

This also creates new opportunities for staff deployment in higher values activities. On top, RPA solutions have lower implementation cost, require shorter implementation time, and carry lower risk than large IT transformations.

There are many organizations that can benefit from RPA, it is time to consider it.

Deloitte is the right partner to define the automation strategy, conduct a proof of concept, select the most appropriate RPA software vendor and implement a complete automation project while taking care of the organizational, change management and maintenance aspect.

Why Deloitte

As an industry and technology expert, Deloitte understands the need of their customers to move their scarce resources from repetitive work to high added value tasks. Our Process Automation experts help organizations in getting the best from process automation.

With proven experience in successful Robotic Process Automation project delivery and with various partnership with the main RPA software vendor, Deloitte RPA services provides support and guidance to clients in their process automation journey in order to bring robotic automation value to life.

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