COVID-19 impact on mobility in Belgium

The Future of Mobility

Apart from Healthcare, COVID-19 has affected very few areas of life as much as mobility and our freedom to move from A to B.

The mobility ecosystem is currently focused on responding to this crisis, with a priority on staying safe and protecting lives while managing business continuity. We believe that resilient leaders need to focus on three time horizons during a crisis: ‘Respond’, ‘Recover’, ‘Thrive’. 

The objective of this article is to offer insights and recommendations on how mobility in Belgium can ‘Recover’ and ‘Thrive’ after COVID-19. To do this, we examine five key trends that are emerging today because of this pandemic, and provide a perspective on how these trends could influence mobility in Belgium in the mid-to- long term.

COVID-19 Impact on Mobility in Belgium

Five key ways that COVID-19 will change mobility in the mid-to-long term

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