IBM Watson Analytics (WA)

for Insight Driven Organisations

The growing popularity of BI self-service tools creates the perfect momentum to start the journey towards an insight driven organization (IDO). This article emphasizes the need to use a methodology where technology is embedded in new ways of asking questions, taking actions and facilitating conversations between IT and business users.

Integrating technology in your IM strategy & processes

IBM Watson Analytics is a data discovery tool aimed at helping business users to explore their data, find relevant business drivers via predictive analytics and consolidate results in enganging visuals. Since IT involvement is minimal, companies tend to struggle on how to integrate this kind of technology into their current processes and IM strategy. New “do it yourself’ tools are enablers triggering transformation into an insight driven organization (IDO). Deloitte can assist in various steps while making this journey.  

Watson Analytics Transformation Track uses data discovery as a starting point to transform private and public businesses and operations into insight driven organizations (IDO)

A well executed methodology is a must have to find a new balance between business driven discovery and IT driven governance processes

WA Transformation Track: A well-defined methodology consisting of 4 subtracks making sure data discovery answers the right questions with actionable outcomes.


Giving a data discovery tool to a business department is only a start. It will not magically create business value. Our methodology ensures the right business questions are asked, underlying data gathering elaborates on existing business intelligence (BI) initiatives, correct usage of tools such as IBM Watson Analytics and finally but most importantly : to translate findings into real actions and move from data discovery to an industrialized solution. The latter requires a well managed change process involving both business and IT.


Confident business users: business users have the freedom to explore and gain insights and feel confident on how to use and interpret data discovery tool results.

Strategic alignment: results are evaluated in terms of the overall IM strategy and readiness for an industrialized IT solution.

Organizational readiness: set structures in place where IT and business will inspire and strengthen each other via new ways of exchanging ideas

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