Customer and marketing strategy

Want to grow your business? Start by growing your customer base and increasing its loyalty. Monitor Deloitte’s Customer and Marketing Strategy team helps organizations achieve this type of organic, customer-centered growth. We regularly work with marketing, brand, or strategy executives who have a mandate for achieving long-term initiatives while pressured to demonstrate impact and return in the near term. We help them design and deliver customer insight-anchored change and growth in their enterprises.   Our services center on three types of customer and marketing transformations: (1) growth and marketing, (2) marketing analytics and operations, and (3) customer experience and service. From strategy through transformation, we act as architects to identify and assess opportunities and design both the relevant strategies and the road maps to execute them, including helping to build and embed marketing capabilities and systems so that you can make informed choices and move forward with confidence.

Our team builds on a pragmatic and hands-on approach to implement marketing and sales solutions with the Return on Investment as a key deliverable.

Deloitte helps organisations increase their returns on marketing and sales activities, improve their customers’ experience and, optimise insights/analytics on the customer and prospect base. Deloitte also supports organisations in developing and maintaining the right segmentation strategy so that brands can move forward in the challenging market of today. Corporate leaders are supported to create executable strategies to initiate, grow and sustain profitable relationships with consumer and business customers.

Deloitte is recognised by leading industry analysts for providing our clients with actionable, results-driven strategic thinking. Moreover as the world’s largest professional services firm, Deloitte has the global resources and experience to follow through when execution support is needed.

Our strategic services help clients achieve profitable growth in five key areas:
1. Marketing Effectiveness
2. Segmentation Strategy
3. Key Account Management
4. Customer Experience
5. New Product Introduction

1. Marketing effectiveness

Marketers and sales managers across industries are being challenged to grow or retain market share while lowering costs. They have to sharpen their focus on every Marketing and Sales euro and justify the economic return on their programmes, or risk further budget cuts. Given that Marketing and Sales have a clear mandate to do more with less, it is imperative that brands reach and engage their target audiences in the most efficient and effective ways.


At Deloitte, we think that the following questions are key while reviewing marketing effectiveness:

  • How to measure the return of our marketing programmes? Which of our marketing programmes are the most/the least effective?
  • Where/how would we reduce/reallocate our marketing spend without cutting into business critical programmes?
  • Can we better source our outside spend, buying the same at lower prices?
  • Can we reorganise our marketing function to focus on value-added functions, reduce nonessential ones, and operate at a lower cost?


Deloitte focuses on maximising marketing value and increasing return on investment through optimal marketing spend: reallocating resources, saving on ineffective marketing initiatives and/or increasing spend in areas with the greatest effectiveness.


The main focus areas of marketing efficiency are:

  • Marketing Mix Management, Resource Allocation & ROI
  • Marketing Spend Sourcing
  • Promotion and Channel Partner Spend Management
  • Marketing Organisation Alignment & Effectiveness


Deloitte is the perfect partner to support you in improving your marketing effectiveness.

2. Segmentation Strategy

Knowing who to address and how is an essential step in building a sustainable customer relationship. Segmentation lies at the core of the marketing activity, supporting the targeting and positioning efforts and feeding the value proposition development process. But segmenting is a complex process, as there is no ‘one-size-fits-all’ model to monitor, understand and respond upon the rapidly changing customer needs, behaviors and preferences. The selection of the right model is complicated and requires a deep understanding of its adequacy and benefits. As every company is unique, the segmentation plan will reflect this diversity.


Customer segmentation is the process of structuring an organisation’s customer base into groups of individuals with common characteristics.  Following questions will be addressed in this process: 

  • What to sell?
  • Purchase drivers?
  • Who to target?
  • Prioritisation?
  • Where located?
  • Internally Acceptable?


Thanks to its expertise in the segmentation field, Deloitte supports organisations in identifying their most appropriate segmentation model and developing segmentation dashboards. Deloitte helps companies to:

  • Properly understand the profile of each segment
  • Better tailor and target their products and/or services
  • Provide customers greater value whilst helping the organisation to achieve greater value from those customers


This all will lead to increased corporate efficiency and effectiveness. 

3. Key Account Management

Key Account Management is much more than just servicing large accounts. It is a strategic company decision with a game-changing shift in doing business, by moving from transactional sales to creating long-term, sustainable value. Excelling in Key Account Management is not easy. It requires a set of specific competencies, aligned across different Key Account Management dimensions such as ‘Market & Customer Insights’, ‘Value Proposition’, and ‘Trusted Relationships’. 


Deloitte supports the set-up of an effective Key Account Management programme via a phased approach, spread over 3 months, whereby best-in-class Key Account Management principles are put into practice by providing strategic advice, training, and continued support, both collectively and individually.


During the entire Key Account Management journey, Deloitte guides the organisation to find a customised answer to the following key questions:
  • Which companies should be our Key Accounts? Are we focusing on the right ones?
  • How well do we understand our Key Accounts’ needs? How well are we meeting those needs?
  • Do we have the right skill sets in place? Are there any competency gaps to be closed or resources to be re-allocated?
  • How sustainable is our Key Account Management plan? How efficient are we in delivering that plan? 


Deloitte’s Key Account Management programme unlocks the organisation’s potential to successfully create partnerships with the strategically most important clients by understanding and anticipating their needs, building a trusted and sustainable relationship, and identifying opportunities for joint value creation.  


4. Customer Experience

Customer Experience Management is a concept translated into an entire organisation which strives to deliver and exceed the customer’s expectations. Deloitte believes that by focusing on and managing the customer experience, companies can attract, retain, and grow customers while creating a sales conversion that directly and positively impacts the bottom.


By implementing a customer experience strategy and ensuring successful customer outcomes, companies can expect increased loyalty and a positive influence on their churn rates.  Customer experience management gives customers greater value whilst helping the organisation to achieve greater value from those customers. This will lead to increased corporate efficiency and effectiveness.


Deloitte supports organisations in going through the customer experience journey by helping them answering the following questions:

  • What is the experience from the customer's POV?
  • Do we use data to generate insights about how to serve customers?
  • What are the key touch points with our brand?
  • Do we have the right brand value proposition?
  • Who are our most valuable customers?
  • Do we understand the level of service required and do we have the internal capability?


Finally, our Customer Experience Management approach consists of 3 stages to reach maximum impact:

  • Listening – To assess the current customer experience
  • Considering – To identify and prioritise improvement initiatives
  • Changing – To execute initiatives 

5. New Product Introduction

For many companies, launching a new or existing product/service into a new market is a big leap into the unknown. Traditional consultants advise companies on new markets with data analysis, theoretical market assessment but this brings you no step closer to your first sale. Other companies are more practical and just hire an entrepreneur or intrapreneur to start the business but it tends to be time consuming and costly since entrepreneurs are scarce. The Deloitte approach combines the best of both worlds: a structured approach with an entrepreneurial mindset. 


Deloitte supports companies in

•       Mapping their market ecosystem

•       Identifying the most valuable customer segments

•       Defining the value proposition based on market feedback

•       Translating features into benefits

•       Estimating value for customer & its end markets

•       Defining price points


Deloitte can also help companies to

•       Develop sales deck & initial strategy

•       Immediately visit prospects

•       Gather feedback directly from the market

•       Make the initial contact with partners & distributors leveraging the Deloitte brand

•       Leverage the Deloitte network


Our Lean New Product Introduction philosophy is articulated around three milestones

1. Establish the baseline

    - Determine an initial value proposition per segment

    - Determine the initial benefits of the product

2. Tune the value engine

    - Rapid market feedback to determine the value

    - Product adjustments for best market fit

    - Business model optimisation

3. Pivot or persevere (pilot, big bang or adapt)


Leveraging on its experience, Deloitte supports in managing and executing large scale projects thanks to a combined structured approach and entrepreneurial mindset required. 

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