BE Futureproof

Embracing digitalisation and technological breakthrough to create future value

In February 2018, renowned national and international tech visionaries shared accomplishments and insights into innovation, digitalisation and (new) business models at the first annual BE FUTUREPROOF CxO summit by Econopolis and Deloitte, which was organised in collaboration with imec. The aim of the event was to help Belgian organisations understand how to generate value through technological transformation and become futureproof. Attendees also had the exclusive opportunity to visit the imec cleanroom, the most advanced research facilities in the world dedicated to scaling chip technology.

Facing change with confidence

It is essential that companies turn disruption into an advantage to stay ahead. There is no time to sit back and see what happens. Organisations need to redesign the way they work, offer autonomy, and ensure that their people feel a sense of ownership. However, cooperation should not just be promoted within companies; to manage and benefit from disruption, cooperation is needed on an industry and sector level.

Embracing old and new

Belgium and Europe have a huge potential for research and development. Technological breakthroughs are being made quickly and constantly; the market, and legislation, cannot follow. But, efforts should not just focus on developing the latest new thing. There are also many opportunities in transforming what used to be big into the new big digital thing.

Harnessing the power of digital

Digital technologies are part of our everyday life. However, in Belgium we have yet to fully grasp the potential of these technologies. The US and Asia are well ahead of Europe in this area, but the future is full of opportunities. Companies need to find the right talent to take advantage of the wide array of technologies and data available to them and ask themselves how they need to shift to tackle the future. Adopting the right combination of technologies will open doors.

The role of trust

In complex highly competitive domains, the fastest learner wins. Organisations need to relinquish a certain degree of control and allow their teams to explore solutions to clearly stated issues. Trust and transparency not only help motivate staff, but ensure that great ideas are developed. Whether the ideas fail or succeed, lessons will be learned.


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