Wolf Oil Automechanika 2018

Phygital Experiences

Deloitte Digital has been asked by Wolf Oil, for the second time, to send its booth into the next digital dimension. Thanks to a massive high definition video wall and an innovative object recognition table , visitors were immersed in the Wolf Oil universe.

Phygital Experiences - Wolf Oil - Automechanika 2018

A 54 meters long video wall

54,5 meters long and 3,5 meters high! That’s more than 350 times a typical home TV screen. This 360° LED wall was surrounding visitors with the brand new Wolf Oil identity: Wolf Flow.

All the content was centralized on a single video server, powered by DD’s in-house software, playing all pictures and videos synchronously. A CMS had been set up for the client to upload and display any new content in real-time.

A touch screen was also available to launch and display PowerPoints for the several keynotes planned during the whole week. At the end of each presentation, attendants could scan a QR code to participate in a poll. Results were displayed live.

The visitors and the client were both enthusiastic by the quality achieved.

The interactive table

Next to the video wall, an interactive table had been set up for visitors to get more information on 3 brand new oil bottles: using an in-house object recognition technology, visitors were invited to put down the different bottles to get insights on them and discover more information.

This table was also a great visual tool for marketers to discuss about and explain the difference between each products available.

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