Five keys to crack the Digital Product Code

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Digital product development is even higher on the corporate agenda in the new normal, driven by rapid technological advancements and changing customer needs. In this paper we highlight five key accelerators that companies can explore to ultimately win the battle for the customers’ attention through more desirable digital products.

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That is why we have brought together all our expertise, gained through client engagements and expert interviews, to ultimately put forward five key accelerators for more agile and faster digital product development.

  1. Scope the playing field via a clear product development ambition and KPIs, as well as an appropriate decision-making structure fueled by effective mandates.
  2. Balance desirability, feasibility and viability through design thinking and not being afraid of a “test fast, fail fast, learn fast” approach.
  3. Plan for change by setting the product roadmap in such a way that structure does not overrule agility and speed.
  4. Enable the organisation from a talent perspective, by working on learning and development, and from a technology perspective, through a modular technology stack and API platforms.
  5. Leverage partners to overcome operational, tactical and strategic challenges in terms of capability gaps and to flexibly grasp opportunities as they arise.

 We invite you to read our paper to empower your organisation to design and develop digital products in a flexible and rapid manner.

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